4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part I

Frog, n. A Reptile with edible legs. – Ambrose Bierce While Ambrose Bierce, American writer and civil war veteran, is not wrong, failure to mention the other edible family members of the reptile species is doing them a disservice. Alligator, snake, Krayt dragon, and turtle have all been enjoyed by throughout time and space. These,… Read More 4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part I

Dark Harvest

Snagging a copy of Josh Reynold’s Dark Harvest, I’d planned to crush this Warhammer Horror novel (as one does with BL novels). Unfortunately I struggled for many weeks to make progress and it took much longer than anticipated to finish the novel. Hot The ‘city’ of Wald – Most of the story takes place in… Read More Dark Harvest

Warhammer Live – Artist Kevin Chin interview

Kevin Chin is a seven-year veteran illustrator for the books and boxed games section of the Warhammer Studio. The interview is from the January 26 episode of Warhammer Live: In the studio and begins at 02:07:50. We being with a piece from Battletome: Everchosen depicting when Archaon conquers the All-gates and begins to build his fortress. Kevin says… Read More Warhammer Live – Artist Kevin Chin interview