12 Months, 25 Dollars – Part 3, March ’22

Following the example set by Dino over at Chaosbunker, starting last month, we shall abide by a simple rule:

Every month I have a budget of $25 for my hobby.

I did it! How is this even possible!?!?!?! Not only did I go the whole month without making any hobby purchases, I managed to do that while at AdeptiCon 2022! Unreal. Oh the siren song of the Vendor Hall blasted me at full volume but through a combination of iron will and honestly, not really having time to shop, I made it through the long weekend without a single hobby purchase.

MonthFunds remainingItem
Jan.$7Wargames Illustrated 410 ($8), paint ($10)
Feb.-$120Epic Black Powder: Waterloo French Starter Army ($145)
March+$25No purchases

I’m still in the red from my Epic Black Powder: Waterloo splurge, but I’m so hyped on current projects that I honestly think I’ll be ok through April. Hold. The. Line.


AdeptiCon has come and gone, and with it, the Vendor Hall…

I started the month working on the debt I had accrued. It went OK, put a little work into debt clearing. I visited Crocodile Games, Badger Games and an independent store; all in the Vendor Hall. I got this gem of a find from Crocodile, and did not have to pay shipping. I also have their webstore saved for when they ship their Kickstarter and post the models up for individual sale. There are some fun cook/chef crocodiles I want to get. I also got some fun models by Bad Squiddo Games sold by Badger.

I started selling the extra parts and bits from the kits I had to grab pre-AdeptiCon, got a bunch more on eBay and some of the prizes/raffle items I brought back. I should get pretty close to erasing the debt when I move that product.

The future does not hold much in the way of models, but I do plan on elevating, literally and figuratively, my Ribbit Rover Age of Sigmar display board for a tournament in July. Putty, mesh wire, flock, STL files, fun jungle plants… keep an eye here for some hobby articles.

MonthFunds remainingItem
Jan.$16.51Foot Knights, paints, primer, glue (-$84.86). Sales (+$76.37).
Feb.$-228Purchases (-$413), Sales (+$160)
March$23Purchases (-$72), Sales (+$70)


Yeah, so, the best laid plans… right.

March saw me blindsided by one of my favorite local opponents letting slip that he was painting French & Indian War British. Suddenly I had a good opponent painting the opposing force to something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long, long time. This, coupled with Warlord Games announcing a price increase, led to two hasty orders. One went to Brigade Games, and the other to Warlord (combined with some friends to cut down on that egregious $25 shipping fee!) for some FIW French and Indians. I planned this purchase to allow me several different force builds so that, in theory, I won’t have to buy any more models for the game at all. The best laid plans…

I also bought some trees at Adepticon from one of my absolute favorite hobby companies nowadays, Huge Miniatures. I love their products, I’ve had good interactions with them on social media, and I finally got to meet them in person at Adepticon. They are great folks and very, very passionate about the quality of their products. I wanted to buy much more but I knew going into it that I had a rather large deficit so I kept it small. Just trees, because, for French & Indian War wargaming, it is difficult to have too many trees.

I was able to offset some of the FIW damage by selling some models. I had planned to offload more but the month just moved too quickly for me. Still in the hole, but not as bad as it could have been? I think I am positioned well for April. Must. Tread. Cautiously.

Oh! I just had an idea for a kitbash! That… will… wait.. until… next month. Must. Tread. Cautiously.

MonthFunds RemainingItem
Feb.-$60.00Tyranid Bases! Also, fancy glue.
March-$41.00Purchases (-$201), Sales (+$160)


The Fine Print
The $25 per month limit applies to models, rules, paint and supplies. It does not apply to event tickets or travel costs.

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