Glory by Hogg Publishing arrived at my door just a few weeks ago after I backed it on Kickstarter on a total impulse last March. When I saw this on KS I was immediately drawn in by the incredible artwork and only became more excited after reading about the game. Could this be a dungeon-crawler… Read More Glory

Oak & Iron

I’m a bit of a sucker for naval combat. I love playing World of Warships, I got incredibly excited when Warlord Games announced Cruel Seas, and then I recently learned of a Kickstarter that has me incredibly intrigued. Firelock Games, the makers of Blood & Plunder (a pirate skirmish game that includes both naval and… Read More Oak & Iron

A Song of Ice & Fire – Stark Vs Lannisters – What we know so far

A Song of Ice & Fire: Table Top Miniatures Game from CMON and Dark Sword Miniatures is one of this year’s most anticipated games. There have been several previews of the game play and the miniatures but no solid details – until now. Yesterday Beasts of War went live with an hour and half long… Read More A Song of Ice & Fire – Stark Vs Lannisters – What we know so far

GKR: Heavy Hitters

The near-future is here, and Earth’s abandoned cities are now battlegrounds for the ultimate spectator sport: GIANT KILLER ROBOTS. Let that sink in for a second. GKR: Heavy Hitters is a miniatures board game designed by Cryptozoic Entertainment and Weta Workshop. Normally any miniatures boardgame has my interest, but with Weta Workshop taking a lead with… Read More GKR: Heavy Hitters