German Gebirgsjäger

I am always on the lookout for interesting Kicstarter campaigns.

Heer 46 has launched a campaign for a line of Gebirgsjäger miniatures. Gebirgsjäger are something that not many miniatures companies have. As far as I know only Warlord Games and the excellent Gorgon Studios have Gebirgsjäger available. Gebirgsjäger are another one of those elite German units from World War II that provide hobbyists with a lot of interesting options in terms of both equipment and paint schemes. Personally, I am have been toying with the idea of acquiring some for a small Bolt Action force and this Kisckstarter might force my hand.

The base goal of the campaign is to create two Gebirgsjäger squads of ten (six with rifles, two with SMGs and a two-person LMG team), a HMG team and a grenade launcher team. Along with those basic units there is a huge list of 17 stretch goals to be unlocked. The stretch goals include various special weapons teams, officers, spotters and artillery.

As of writing there are 23 days left in the campaign and eight stretch goals and add-ons have already been unlocked. As this pace it will not take long for the full list to become available. Once that happens, this Kickstarter will be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to get started on a Gebirgsjäger army or hobby project.

Be sure to give the campaign a look, I almost certainly will be backing.


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