Winter break

Hey everyone! Over winter break I was slightly hard pressed for time due to work and other fun things. However I did not let that slow me down and was able to work on my skills as a painter. I am notorious for starting and stopping projects to work on different techniques or ideas that I can apply to other projects I am also currently working on. I love having tons of test models lying around for me to mess with ideas on. I finally was able to work on my air brushing skills and as such set about base coating orange and yellows.

An Iwata Eclipse with a .35 mm tip is my airbrush of choice. I wanted to achieve spraying Citadel paints through it, since almost everything I use is from their range and I did not want to have to go hunting for suitable replacements from other brands. I have had a hard time with citadel paints through an airbrush and have heard similar stories from others regarding their use being sprayed on.

I found the key to my success was the thinning. I have always found that I thinned my paints down too much through the airbrush, common sense believing this would help it from drying inside the brush itself. However with less water and only a drop of thinner I found I was spraying very smoothly and with great coverage!

I plan on using my airbrush quite frequently now after messing with it this winter break. I totally believe this is my new favorite way of base coating near everything.

Other than that I was able to work a little more on my deathwatch army and worked on my highlighting skills on black.


I am fairly happy with how this guy turned out! I feel like I have made strides toward achieving a highlight that’s not too stark, yet doesn’t get lost in the overall blackness of the miniature. My biggest critique on my work would the weight or thickness of the lines. I feel as though for many parts it is not as straight or of the same thickness as I would like.


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