Adepticon 2022 – Bolt Action

Adepticon 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled. Watch this space for Adepticon 2022 Bolt Action updates.

Official update from AdepticonUpdated 3/12/20

Bolt Action: The World in Flames

After two years of R&R it’s time to return to the front! Spread across two days, join us at Adpeticon 2022 for Bolt Action: The Word in Flames – two events, six games. To Represent the titanic scale of this global conflict, forces based on all nations and all theaters are allowed. The word, is at war.

Note: Bolt Action Combat Patrol and Bolt Action Doubles are separate events. Players are not required to participate in both events or to use the same force for each event.

2022 Event Theme

The theme for both Combat Patrol and Doubles is The World in Flames. After running with specific themes in previous years, we have decided to open up the event and allow players to bring a forced themed on any nation / theater of action. All forces must use an approved Theater Selector.

Please note, all rules are draft. Event rules will be finalized no later than Dec. 31, 2021.

Event Rules

House Rules

  • Tiger Fear – Only Veteran Panzer IVs are granted the Tiger Fear special rule. All other Tiger Fear is played as per the Jan. 31, 2021 FAQ.
  • Turret Jam – The Turret Jam rule will not be used.

Army List Submission

Players are required to submit Army Lists in advance for review. Failure to submit Lists by the deadline will result in a points deduction. Lists are due:

  • Combat Patrol – Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022 submit to Andrew at
  • Doubles – Sunday, March 6, 2022 submit to Andrew and Ben at

Note on EasyArmy – We all use it, we all love it. But double check those lists against the book.

Players and Forces


Event Sponsors

Please visit our generous event sponsors that are providing all of the prize support for Combat Patrol and Doubles.