AdeptiCon 2023 – Bolt Action

Bolt Action: The Rising Tide

Less than a generation after the War to end all Wars, the world has found itself engulfed in conflict. Join us at Adepticon 2023 for Bolt Action: Rising Tide 1939-1940 – two events, two days, six games. Theater Selectors are restricted to the 1939 and 1940 theaters of Central and Northern Europe, East Africa and China – the world, is at war.

All possible steps will be taken to ensure theme-based matchups for Game 1.

Note: Bolt Action Combat Patrol and Bolt Action Doubles are separate events. Players are not required to participate in both events or required use the same force for each event. The event theme is highly encouraged but not required.

Event Registration

AdeptiCon registration is open. Register via

If an event is sold out, get on the Waitlist. There are always, always drops and every year we have been able to bring in players off the Waitlist.

Online registration will close on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 12 p.m. CT.

Event Venue

Bolt Action, along with many other Historical Events (Firelock Games, Flames of War, Team Yankee, SAGA, etc.) will take place at the Hyatt Regency – the same venue as AdeptiCon 2022.

Event Schedule

  • Combat PatrolThursday, March 23, 2023
    • 4 – 10:30pm
  • Doubles Friday, March 24, 2023
    • 8:15am – 7:15pm

Event Rules

House Rules

  • Turret Jam – The Turret Jam rule will not be used.
  • Tiger Fear: Tanks that cause Tiger Fear are not affected by Tiger Fear.
  • Command Vehicle: Players will declare their Command Vehicle when it is deployed or arrives from Reserve.
  • Wrecks: Leave the wrecks of knocked-out vehicles on the table. The wreck counts as Soft Cover.

The Club Challenge

Once again, the Club Cup is up for grabs! The Club with the most points across Combat Patrol and Doubles will earn the honor of bringing the Cup home. The score from the top four players (Combat Patrol) and top two Teams (Doubles) in each Club count towards the Club’s total points. The Club with the highest total points wins the Club Cup.

Players can submit their Club along with their Army List or on the day of the event.

Club Cup Winners
2022Chicago Dice

Grudge Matches

Have a grudge to settle? Want to challenge an old friend to battle? That’s what Game 1 is for! As long as both players agree, let Andrew know and he will get you matched up for Game 1. You can request a Grudge Match via email or the AdeptiCon – Bolt Action Doubles and Combat Patrol Facebook Group.

Event Awards

Medals will be awarded to:

  • Best Overall – Player/Team with the highest total points.
  • Best Painted – Player/Team with highest Paint score.
  • Best Battlefield – Table with the most Best Battlefield votes.
  • Player’s Choice – Player/Team with the most Player’s Choice votes.
  • Best Allies – Player/Team with the highest Allies score, that is not Best Overall.
  • Best Axis – Player/Team with the highest Axis score, that is not Best Overall

Event Scoring

The overall score for each player/Team is a combination of:

  • Battle – 60 points
  • Paint – 30 points
  • Sportsmanship – 60 points
  • Theme/Army List Submission – 5 points
Sportsmanship Scoring

Be gracious in victory and defeat.

Operating on the assumption that all players are good sports, opponents are automatically granted 10 points for Sportsmanship for each game. If opponents turn out to be less than good sports, players need to report it to the TO’s table, before the start of the next round, using the following categories and examples as a guideline. Keep in mind; everyone gets a little salty now and then, forgets (or misplaces) their tape measure once in a while, temporarily forgets how a rule works, or changes their mind about a decision, etc.

Salty Attitude: Complain a lot. Constantly ask to see your rules—even for basic things. Act put-out if you ask to see their rules. Do not communicate intentions or establish agreement with regard to movement, line of sight, etc. Are impatient, dismissive, curt, etc.; sore losers or ungracious winners.

Unprepared for Play: Show up very late. Haven’t read the tournament rules. Haven’t read the mission description. Don’t have the majority of the things needed to play the game (have to borrow a lot).

Incompetent Play: Unable to execute the core rules of the game without frequent referencing or coaching. Spend inordinate time looking things up (i.e. do not have materials prepared, marked, or printed for quick reference).

Questionable Play: Not quite cheating, but not aboveboard either. ‘Generous’ measurements or movement. Frequently take back movement or other decisions after they are in process. Not clearly distinguishing between similar units. Not keeping track of scoring. Abuse ‘playing by intent’ by failing to establish what their intent is, but taking advantage of what it ‘could have been’.

Sportsmanship Deductions: In all cases, the judge(s) will decide whether the described behaviors are Minor, Major, or Extreme instances.

  • Minor instances will be minus 1-4 points each.
  • Major instances will be minus 5-9 points each and a visit from the TO.
  • Extreme instances will be minus 10 points and a visit from the Head TO.
Paint Scoring

Both Combat Patrol and Doubles will score Paint using a rubric:

Army List Submission

Players are required to submit Army Lists in advance for review. Failure to submit Lists by the deadline will result in a points deduction. Lists are due:

Note on EasyArmy – We all use it, we all love it. But double check those lists against the book.

Model Policy

All models used in Combat Patrol and Doubles must follow the AdeptiCon 2023 Model Policy. In summary:

  • All models must be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Minimum three colors required
  • Basing required

Any models that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed on the table.

Conduct Policy

All players must adhere to the AdeptiCon 2023 Conduct Policy (Jan. 5, 2023 update).


Join the AdeptiCon – Bolt Action Combat Patrol & Doubles Facebook Group for updates, hobby progress, list discussion and questions.

Event Sponsors

Please visit our generous event sponsors who provided prize support 2023!

Past Event Packets

Past Results

Event results from Combat Patrol 2018, 2019 and 2022 and Doubles 2022.


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