4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part VIII – The Final Frogtier

The road goes ever on and on…

Goal 7 Review

We did it! This had to the most painting I have tacked for a deadline ever. Around 1,000 points for Age of Sigmar Seraphon – that is half a standard army! Since the last update I completed:

  • 20 Frog Skinks
  • 1 Frog King on liter
  • Realmshaper Engine Terrain Piece
  • 3 Giant Beetles
  • 1 Giant Beetle Chieftain
  • 1 Stegadon Chieftain
  • x2 movement trays
  • Cosmic vortex and LEDs to the display board

The Future

We set out to save the Great Pond and it has been saved…

This will mark the end of formal project updates for this army. It has been one year and one month to the day since Weathertop, and the Exacto cuts have never fully healed.

In total, around 3,000 points worth of Age of Sigmar model have been filed, cut, trimmed, drilled, glued, puttied, primed, painted, flocked and finished. Around 70 models, from the smallest chameleon to the largest dinosaur. I still have some built and primed models on the workbench, but until they get a rules update, they will remain in limbo and a refreshing hobby change of pace when needed.

It is an odd thing, finishing a project. Like Lego sets from childhood, the most fun are the parts along the way and there is always a bittersweet melancholy that sellers in now.

One may suggest diving into the other deep places of the hobby backlog, but what fun is that when you can buy new models … more precious models …

Maybe, just maybe I am quite ready for another adventure … maybe a return to the most magical of them all! Here’s a bit of a hint:

Overall Status: FINISHED


  • 48 Frog Skinks
  • Frog King on liter
  • Realmshaper Engine Terrain Piece
  • 3 Giant Beetles
  • 1 Giant Beetle Chieftan
  • 1 Stegadon Chieftan
  • Lord Kroak, Master of Time of Space
  • 5 Crocodile Lancers
  • Starpriest
  • Spinosaurus
  • Frog Priest
  • Astrolith Banner Bearer
  • Donny and crew (Bastiladon)
  • Frog Priest
  • 2 Giant Chameleons
  • 3 War Snappers (Kroxigor)
  • Cera the Giant War Turtle (Stegadon)
  • Endless Spells: Geminids, Chromatic Cogs, Emerald Lifeswarm, Purple Flaming Skull

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