12 Months, 25 Dollars – Part 6, June ’22

Following the example set by Dino over at Chaosbunker, starting last month, we shall abide by a simple rule:

Every month I have a budget of $25 for my hobby.

Well what do we have here? An entire month with not a single hobby purchase? Impossible!

Yes my friends, I’ve done it once again. Another month with no purchases and a whole bunch of sales. I attended the always fantastic Stellacon hosted at Michigan Toy Soldier in mid-June and although I couldn’t stay for the What a Tanker! mega-game I was able to bring a trunk load of old games and models to sell during the flea market. In summary, it was a grand success! I was tempted on more than one occasion to pick up a new model kit or a long out of print game (seriously, there were some gems) but I held strong and resisted the siren song.

MonthFunds remainingItem
Jan.$7Wargames Illustrated 410 ($8), paint ($10)
Feb.-$120Epic Black Powder: Waterloo French Starter Army ($145)
March+$25No purchases
April$-4Geek Gaming Scenics ($35), GCmini ($119), Woodland Scenics ($13), Vallejo ($20), Books sold (+$427)
May-$267Cigar Box Battle Desert Mat ($75), Forgotten City terrain ($217)
June$245Selling (+$220)

As for hobby it’s been a solid month with more progress on the Kriegsmarine for a Bolt Action tournament in early August. I still have a few infantry, the flak truck and an AT Rifle Team to finish up but I’ve got plenty of time. The list has survived a few test games and is a blast to play. I’ve got high hopes for the event.


We did it. AdeptiCon debt has been erased! Sold an old Lord of the Rings army to get this boat upright. I still bought some stuff, including a replacement dragon due to 3D printing scale being the Wild West. Planning to sell the original model in July.

The new Age of Sigmar seasonal handbook came out and includes all the new tournament missions and a new theme/army building focus for the season. It’s moving away from favoring monsters and brings focus back to more bread and butter infantry. I also bought a ticket to NOVA Open in August but we don’t count that here!

Of course there is a 50% off sale from Mierce Miniatures…so I will be buying another big dinosaur…

Check back for some event coverage in the next couple weeks.

MonthFunds remainingItem
Jan.$16.51Foot Knights, paints, primer, glue ($84.86). Sales (+$76.37).
Feb.$-228Purchases ($413), Sales (+$160)
March$23Purchases ($72), Sales (+$70)
May$-5Purchases ($192), Sales (+$187)
June530Purchases ($182), Sales (+$273)


The Fine Print
The $25 per month limit applies to models, rules, paint and supplies. It does not apply to event tickets or travel costs.

2 thoughts on “12 Months, 25 Dollars – Part 6, June ’22

  1. I’ve just bought into Epic Waterloo too. I am going with the French with two other friends, each playing the British & Prussian’s. I hope you show your progress with the project here, as that would be great to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Having folks go in on the game in a group is the best! Enjoy!

      I will absolutely post progress once the project begins. It’s all still in the box I’m afraid 😦


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