Asmodee Digital Play With Friends – Worth?

Humble Bundle has done it again. They have launched the Asmodee Digital Play With Friends Bundle that includes a wealth of digital boardgames: $1 Tier: Small World Carcassonne Patchwork King & Assassins Love Letter Potion Explosion Pay over the Average Tier (currently $10.22) Splendor Mysterium Twilight Struggle Small Word Expansions Carcassonne Expansions $12 Tier: Scythe… Read More Asmodee Digital Play With Friends – Worth?

AGoT: The Board Game

Got a chance to play one of my absolute favorite board games this weekend, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, Second Edition by Fantasy Flight Games. We played with the full complement of six players and even though this increases the play time considerably, it is a must to get the full experience.