Under the Baking Sun – Part IV

Back again eh? Now when did I last see you? Ah yes. You were attempting a crossing of the Ash River on the road to Numas. I still cannot believe you made it past the Black Pyramid. Many have fallen in the shadow of that cursed tomb. But sit, sit. Try and regain your strength.

My word it has been a long time since I’ve put in work on this project. Part III was posted back in *checks notes* May 2020. Yikes. So what happened? Why am I heading back to the sun bleached sands of Nehekhara? Well, it’s all because of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A few weeks back Raiders had it’s 40th anniversary. I was compelled to give it a watch. And while watching I was inspired to get back to the Tomb Kings. Maybe it was the sweeping desert vistas, maybe it was the talk of the Ark blasting away foes with lightening, whatever it was, I am back on the Tomb Kings Hype Train and this train has no breaks.

Paint Splatter

Progress. Oh sweet progress! Since my last entry I’ve completed a Tomb Scorpion (first of two, maybe three) and a unit of 16 Skeleton Warriors with shields and spears. For both units I am quite pleased with the results. The classic combo of teal and brass looks as good now as it did almost twenty years ago. Not only do I love the look, but the 16 Skeleton Warriors painted up quick. Turns out, when 80+% of the model is bone, you don’t need to do many steps! Honestly the shields take as long as the skeleton.

Speaking of, shields and spears are not a good combo for Skeleton Warriors. This unit is meant to be a tarpit, a speed bump. Just something slow down the enemy. Getting the extra +1 armor save for having shields and hand weapons is a much better way to equip this unit (it’s also 1pt per model cheaper). Simply put, the extra four attacks I’ll get for having spears is not the optimal loadout. But who cares?! Look at how cool those pikes are! Look at it! This unit has presence on the table and that’s all I could ask for.

Next up? Chariots. I’ve got three built for the unit and one fit for a Tomb King/Prince. I expect these to take considerably longer and I am not decided on the colors just yet. But at least I know the formula for the horses and the bases. I’ll paint those first and the chariot itself later.

Sprues & Glue

I need more Skellies. One more box of Wargames Atlantic Skeletons will do the trick and give me enough bits to complete a second unit of 10 Skeletons with Bows (eight are already built) and enough swords to equip a full block of 16 with hand weapons and shields. But, I need to wait. Both to complete more painting and until my hobby budget allows for a $35 purchase. I’ll have completed infantry build when I have 20 Skeleton Warriors with spears (16 are done), 20 with hand weapons (1 is done) and 2 units of 10 with bows (1 unit is done). And in order to accomplish that, I need a third and final box of skellies.

Progress Report towards battle with Cole

Both Covid and my move to Detroit completely torched the original plan of slowly escalating forces battling it out in a monthly meetup. But both Cole and I are keeping the WFB fires burning. He has already acquired and built a full 3,000 points of Dwafs and I am honor bound to respond in kind.

When will this titanic clash take place? Unknown. But I am chugging along to make it happen.

And if anyone knows where I can get a Settra model, let me know!

Liche Priest
– 115 – Done

x12 Skeleton Warriors with Bows (96), Standard Bearer (10) – 106 – Done
Tomb Swarm – 45 – Done
x16 Skeleton Warriors (96) with Spears and Shields (16), Light Armor (16), Full Command (25) – 185 – Done
x3 Chariots (120) with a Standard Bearer (20) – 140 – WIP

Tomb Scorpion – 85 – Done

Total: 635pts

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