Under the Baking Sun – Part III

“Been a long time since we last spoke, figured you were just another poor sun-backed husk out on the Shifting Sands. You’ve made it to Bhagar, that’s a feat itself. But let’s not issue congratulations just yet, the Land of the Dead is known to punish arrogance.”

Paint Splatter

And here we have it! I’m not looking at 250pts of Tomb Kings painted, based and ready for battle. Sadly, we just don’t know if the May meetup is going to happen. Current indications point to a negative. The situation being what it is, I’m not going to push for the meetup. I am however, going to continue with my Hobby Progress as if the monthly Meetups were still happening. Not only is my May force complete, I’ve got a jump on the June (350pts) requirement as well.

Finishing up these last few Skeleton Warriors took longer than expected. Partly because of how much time the crew has spent playing Warzone and partly because I wanted to document each step in my process to create a painting guide. I ended up creating two! One for the basic skeleton and a second for the whole process. I’ll be taking photos of the basing steps for another guide as well.

Progress Report towards May Meetup

Liche Priest – 115 – Done

x10 Skeleton Warriors with Bows (80), Standard Bearer (10) – 90 – Done
Tomb Swarm – 45 – Done

Total: 250pts

I am truly excited to take a short break from the Skeleton Warriors to paint the imposing Tomb Scorpion. I have fond memories of this unit going straight HAM on enemy units back in the day and I hope he lives up to the hype. Instead of bone, I’ll go with a black carapace with teal focal points. This model will be a sharp contrast to the rest of the army, exactly as it should.

After that, it’ll be back to bone. This army needs more than 12 Skeletons with bows and single Tomb Swarm to fill the Core. A solid block of 12-16 Skeletons Warriors with spears and shields should do nicely.

Progress Report towards June Meetup

Liche Priest
– 115 – Done

x12 Skeleton Warriors with Bows (96), Standard Bearer (10) – 106 – Done
Tomb Swarm – 45 – Done

Tomb Scorpion – 85 – Primed

Total: 351pts

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