4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part V

Goal 4 Review

We got a dog and she has not helped paint anything. Really thought that would have been the first trick she learned. At least clean those mold lines…

  1. Skink Priest from Dark Sword Miniatures painted up to lead the frog warriors.

2. Giant Chameleons from Bad Squiddo. These great Giant Chameleons were just fun but could be filler models for a Skink unit or crew for the salamander.

3. Cera crew from Eureka Miniatures.

This officially finished all my primed models! So I did it? I won? Then I primed the next batch. Going to move into the Bastiladon with solar mortar. I also finished my project of Lord Kroak. This was a combination of Black Scorpion tortoise and Dark Sword Miniatures undead frog. I wanted a cartoon lightning effect so will see how this turns out. The Stargate will also tie into my Realm Shaper Engine/Mega-Gargant model.

Double Trouble Battle Report

Game One Battle Report

I also got two games in with some friends on using his graphics engine. Game One saw a Mega-Gargant face off against the Varanguard Cavalry. I did not deploy the Giant well and then failed to run it to try and get better positioning. This led to it being one-shot by the Cavalry who did 35 wounds in a single round of combat! Epic.

While a bummer, that can be the life of those Tiger Tanks, giant Dragons, super heroes, etc. On the flip side, it was epic seeing that Cavalry crush it. I had a great gaming moment in converting my disappointment of not being able to use my center piece model into not diminishing the moment of my opponents bad-ass accomplishment.

Game Two Battle Report

Game Two was some Stegadons going against Empire Steamtanks. This game was basically ripped right out of a five-year-olds play time, “…and then the space lizards began fighting the giant tanks crewed by medieval warriors…”

Goal 5

  1. Paint Donny the Bastiladon.

Overall Status


  • 3 Salamander crew
  • Troglodon
  • 5 Crocodile Lancers
  • Turtle ‘StarSeer’
  • Stegadon Chief
  • Mega-Gargant Snapper (also doubles as Realmshaper Engine terrain piece)
  • Frogs riding giant beetles (Terradons)


  • Lord Kroak
  • 32 Frogs
  • Salamander
  • Frog Priest
  • Frog King on Liter
  • Spinosaurus (Sharptooth)
  • Donny and 3 crew (Bastiladon)
  • Flaming Purple Skull Spell


  • Frog Priest
  • 2 Giant Chameleons
  • 3 War Snappers (Kroxigor)
  • Cera the Giant War Turtle (Stegadon)
  • 13 Lily Hammer Frogs
  • 15 Musketeer Frogs
  • Endless Spell: Geminids

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