New Two-Player Starter – Island Assault!

In a surprise release, Warlord Games has announced a new two-player Bolt Action Starter Set and unlike the previous two-player boxes, this one is for the Pacific. It’s been several years since the launch of Bolt Action Second Edition and the Band of Brothers Starter. Although the theme and models are great, the BoB box is weak from a game play perspective. If someone was looking to get into Bolt Action, the BoB starter is one of the last items I’d recommend.

Island Assault! looks to correct that error by offering two well rounded and balanced forces along with all you need to get started with Bolt Action. It’s exciting to see a new starter not only because it’s an improvement over the current offerings, but because this one is for the Pacific. The Pacific Theater is far too often overlooked and unexplored by players. Hopefully this will give folks a reason to dive in.

Island Assault! contains:

  • Bolt Action A5 Rulebook
  • Island Assault booklet
  • 24 Imperial Japanese Army soldiers
  • Chi-Ha tank
  • 24 US Marines
  • M3A1 Half-track
  • Order Dice (number unconfirmed)
  • Pin marker sprue
  • Template sprue
  • Pillbox (exclusive)
  • 2 Spiderholes (exclusive)

Not bad. Not bad at all.

You’ve got a great mix of infantry and support units along with armor. My one gripe is the inclusion of the Half-track instead of a Stuart. Now that would be been a truly great set. Especially considering Warlord just released a new plastic Stuart not long ago.

Along with the release of Island Assault there are also four additional releases:

  • USMC Raiders Squad (metal, mostly new models)
  • USMC Support Group (metal, repack of existing models)
  • IJA Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad (metal, new models)
  • IJA Support Group (metal, repack of existing models)

The two Support Groups match up with the previous Support Group repacks for many of the other Warlord ranges and it’s great to see both USMC and IJA get the support. The ‘new’ Raiders look fantastic and the IJA Paratroops look solid as well.

No confirmation on price point yet. The BoB Starter is a reasonable $112, hopefully this stays in that range.

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