The Ravaged Galaxy Awaits – Part IV

We are back again for a progress update from the Ravaged Galaxy! Progress has slowed and I missed my usual monthly deadline but looking at the calendar and we are about six weeks away from the official release so I need to double down and get everything done that I committed too! On the Stargrave news front, Osprey has also released the full Crew Building Chapter from the new Rulebook.

Painting Progress

Three main accomplishments on the painting progress since the last update. I completed the Ruffians, Pirates and Pirate Shocktroopers, I completed the basing for all my painted models and I settled on a painting scheme for my Industrial “Kill Zone” style terrain!

Here are the groups shots of the Ruffians, Pirates and Pirate Shocktroopers. I think this will be plenty to play with the scenarios that pull from the “Unwanted Attention” random creature generators! For generic bad guys, I’m happy enough with the tabletop quality of the painting. They are not going to win any awards but are more than suitable for bad guys that I hope my crew will kill quickly!

These were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Paints and the metal bits painted with my Army Painter Silvers and I pulled out the Nuln Oil to wash down the shiny bits.

Ruffians, Pirates and Pirate Shocktroopers

You can also see that I finally made a decision and landed on a basing approach for my Stargrave models. In the end, I decided to just go with some generic greyish-brown rubble basing. It’s not going to match every terrain layout but it will be generic enough that it should work. These bases are made using the Liquitex Resin Sand, then a Rainy Grey (Reaper) basecoat, Concrete wash (Secret Weapon Minis) and finally a Light Dust (Secret Weapon Mini) drybrush. The rims are painted with Carbon Grey (Reaper).

Assembling the Crew

This leads me to the second accomplishment of the month, and I apologize because I am going back to the original models and I swore after the last post I would not bring these back and feature them again! But I will present those in the next section with a bit of a twist! With the Crew Assembly chapter available for anyone to see now, I can lay out the breakdown of my two Crews. You can also see these are based to match my other models!

I was happy to see that I could squeeze all 20 models, roughly into the two Crews as I had planned. I took some liberties with “Counts as” approach, especially for some of the interpretations of the heavy armour. Several of these models will be upgraded to the Combat Armour style specialists when the crews get some more credits. Both crews have a few extra credits to spend but otherwise fit the requirements of no more than 8 Soldiers including no more than 4 specialists!

Crew 1 – This Crew is led by a “Rogue” Captain and his erratic “Robotics Expert” First Mate

#Soldier TypeSoldier ClassGearCost
2Robotics ExpertFirst MateTBD
3RecruitStandardPistol, Light Armor, Knife0
4HackerStandardPistol, Deck, Light Armour, Knife20
5Guard DogStandardAnimal, Robot10
6HackerStandardPistol, Deck, Light Armour, Knife 20
7TrooperStandardCarbine, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Robot50
8CasebreakerSpecialistCarbine, Picks, Light Armour, Knife75
9PathfinderSpecialist Carbine, Grenades, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon100
10GunnerSpecialist Rapid Fire, Pistol, Heavy Armour, Knife100

Crew 2 – This crew is led by a “Veteran” Captain and his mysterious first mate, a “Psionicist”

#Soldier TypeSoldier ClassGearCost
2PsionicistFirst MateTBD
3RunnerStandardPistol, Knife0
4RecruitStandardPistol, Light Armour, Knife0
5ChiselerStandardPistol, Picks, Light Armour, Knife20
6TrooperStandardCarbine, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon 50
7TrooperStandardCarbine, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon50
8TrooperStandardCarbine, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon 50
9PathfinderSpecialistCarbine, Grenades, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon100
10SniperSpecialistCarbine, Light Armor, Hand Weapon100

The Battlefield!

I also started making some progress on staring out some painting on some of the 3D Printed terrain features. Here are a few photos of the industrial style “Kill Zone” terrain from Printable Scenery. These were painted with some quick drybrush of metallic bronze and silvers. I touched up some reds and blues for switches and lights and added a glowing yellow to the wall lights. All in all, I think I looks pretty good and the rest should paint up pretty fast.

I also started with some ruined temple terrain (also from Printable Scenery). While this terrain certainly has a place with my Frostgrave collection, I’m going to leave these without snow and they can serve double duty with Ghost Archipelago and Stargrave.

What’s Next?

Well, my next goal is to finish up as much terrain as I can! I want to paint up all the Kill Zone Terrain, complete the Temple Ruins, add the “Not-Tatooine” terrain pieces and finish some scatter terrain bits! I also need to sort out the playing surface/mats for these games.

Until Next time… the Ravaged Galaxy awaits.

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