The Warhammer Underworlds Warband Challenge – Those Chosen

Ten painters. Ten Warbands. One goal.

A direct result from the lack of gaming events and flipping through an old White Dwarf, the Warhammer Underworlds Warband Challenge is a combination remote painting contest / self-imposed hobby goal / chance to explore new paint techniques. The Challenge is simple – pick a Warband and paint it. Once the Warbands are complete we will hold a vote for our favorites. And what prize awaits the Champion?

Nothing but glory.

Andrew – Garrek’s Reavers

Alongside Steelheart’s Champions, these boys are Warhammer Underworlds OGs. This Challenge provides an opportunity to paint something I wouldn’t normally and I’m quite certain I have never painted a single follower of Chaos. Ever. Not only are these models super Chaos, they present me with a challenge to paint outside my comfort zone. My plan is to use a sketch method to really explore the model before adding any color. It’s something I’ve never done. And just in case that wasn’t going to push me enough, I will also be attempting Non-Metallic Metal for the blades and brass. I am both excited and a bit intimidated to bring these blood-crazed cannibals to life.

Matt – Sepulchral Guard

James – Godsworn Hunt

I’ve recently been painting up a bunch of terrain for D&D, but when I heard that Andrew was organizing a Warhammer Underworlds warband paint up… I was jazzed to check out these new models. I’ve been away from the GW scene for a while and the prospect of army painting remains daunting. But a warband? Hell yeah! I hemmed and hawed but ultimately settled on The Godsworn Hunt. Why you ask?

First, these lads and ladies are bad ass. They are chocked full of detail, movement and they just ooze theme. I can imagine them traipsing through a savannah tracking their prey, just as a cheetah hunting a gazelle. Second, I really wanted to stretch out of my comfort zone and try some new painting techniques. The plethora of muscle and flesh on these guys will give me a canvas to try some aggressive blends. Also, I want to try some zenithal-esq priming, or ‘sketching’ as shown by Marco Frisoni. This will force me to work with thinner layers as I build up my flesh tones, and I am excited for the challenge. Finally, I want to get some use out of these guys in D&D, and I have a feeling my players may run in to some real bad ass elite bandits sometime soon… curls fingers bwahahahaha…

Matthew – Morgok’s Krushas

It’s been years since I’ve painted miniatures. Back in the day, Andrew and I collaborated on three different Warhammer Fantasy armies, and I collected Warhammer 40,000 Orks. Over the years I’ve followed Andrew’s projects with admiration, and occasionally checked out the news from Games Workshop to look at the new models. When Andrew told me about this Warbands project, it seemed like a perfect low-stakes way to revisit a much loved hobby. I’ve always been partial to the greenskins, and Morkog’s Crushas are three of the best Fantasy Orc miniatures I’ve ever seen; they are so fun to paint!

Zach – Myari’s Purifiers

Adam – The Farstriders

When this idea was forming I was going crazy trying to pick a Warband. They’re all so cool! I decided on the Farstriders because I love the look of the Stormcast models and wanted to see how I could go about painting them again. I think I’ll try a new color scheme out and play with some colors. I feel metallic only could be a bit boring. We’ll see what inspiration hits when I prime them up! Big thanks to Andrew for getting this ball rolling. I’m so excited to see what everybody does for their Warbands!

Tony – Wurmspat

Cole – Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers

Dexter – Morgok’s Krushas

Anticipation! I have the best Warband of the lot. For me, the best part of a hobby project is dreaming about how awesome it will be. My brush hand may be shaky with arthritis but my mind’s eye is clear. So when UPS failed to deliver this Warband it just kept getting better. We can bring an OrkoNaught next right?

Ben – Myari’s Purifiers

Back in the old days of Warhammer Fantasy, High Elves were my jam. I was really excited when Lumineth were announced and bought their starter army and some extra dudes, but then got sidetracked when Indomitus came out and I swapped over to my 40k Black Templar project. While I’ve always liked the classic white robes accentuated with blue scheme for HE/Lumineth, I think I may try to reverse it and go with blue as the main and add white as the trim alongside other spot colors. Loving these minis and I’m looking forward to diving in!

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