The Home of the Horse Lords – Part IV

The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.

Over the past month I have leaned in on the home part of Home of the Horse Lords. My paint progress is almost non-existent. But the building progress? Now we are talking!

Assembly Line

I’ve now built seven of the Games Workshop Rohan Houses and it remains a spectacular kit. But there is one downside, the kit is almost too good, with the details so sharp, the molds so crisp, that it makes these Renedra Outbuildings that I am using to supplement start to stand out (in a bad way) by comparison. I suppose that’s a true First World Problem – these Rohan Houses are so good, they make other terrain look bland by comparison. Using the seven Rohan house kits I have, I built a variety of buildings:

  • Standard House
  • Burnt out House with additional roof timbers (White Dwarf Inspiration)
  • Two-story Blacksmith (Chaos Bunker Inspiration)
  • Stable using two combined houses (White Dwarf Inspiration)
  • Standard House with extended side door

I cut some foam bases for three of the houses to provide more variety and height. I kept the stone pattern simple, just basic rectangles, but I did add some additional detailing by using a ball of tinfoil to breakup the flat foam look and try to get a more natural stone. Additionally, I’ve placed an order at GCmini for some custom MDF bases for the buildings. I already had a some to use with the Renedra kits but I need bigger ones for the Rohan Houses. GCmini is my go-to for anything laser-cut (along with heaps of other hobby supplies and minis). Allen and the team do fantastic work and I trust him to make sense of these umm, ‘blueprints’ that I sent his way for my custom order.

I am thrilled with the progress on these houses. Building a table like this has been on my hobby To-Dos for a long, long time. After slowly but surely gathering components over the years, I finally have everything I need to make this table a reality. Really the one item I still need is – the table itself. After moving to Detroit, I’ve got a great home office / hobby zone and I have enough space to setup a table for games. I’m looking at something like the Alpha Table by Firmer Terra or another folding solution for a game table. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

Paint Splatter

The Rohan painting progress is once again nonexistent. My hobby time has been spent building terrain and working on an unrelated project – The Warhammer Underworlds Warband Challenge (more on that in a future post). If you consider priming as painting, then I did accomplish a bit. Immediately following my terrain build, I managed to prime all five of the Rohan houses and both the Renedra buildings. However, I’m the first to admit it’s a bit of a stretch to considering rattle can priming ‘painting progress’. The next step with all of these is to get a grey basecoat on them and then the painting can truly begin.

The Goal

With all the buildings built and primed, I’m feeling good. The terrain is taking longer than I anticipated but it’s just so much fun to work on. I may be more excited for this table than the army itself…

I do need to figure out something for tree and rock formations. I saw some great Battlefield in a Box options for rock formations, or I might build my own. But that’s for another day.

No adjustments to the goal this month. Plan remains:

  • Fully painted Defense of Helm’s Deep Legendary Legion.
    • Add additional Rohan Models as I go.
  • Fully painted Rohan themed table.
    • Rohan Houses are built and primed.
  • Stretch Goal – Expand this MESBG force into an army for use with Oathmark.

Progress Report


  • x18 Riders of Rohan


  • x5 Rohan Houses
  • x2 Renedra Houses
  • x26 Warriors of Rohan
  • x10 Royal Guard
  • x12 Haldir’s Elves
  • Heroes of Helm’s Deep Metal:
    • Aragorn
    • Legolas
    • Haldir
    • Gimli
    • Gamling
    • Elven Standard Bearer
  • Gamling (Royal Standard)
  • Hama
  • Théoden (Plastic)
  • Grimbold
  • Helmingas Standard
  • Helmingas Warhorn


  • x5 Warriors of Rohan (WIP)
  • x5 Warriors of Rohan

The Lord of the Rings Progress

The Two TowersBook III – Ch. VI – Treebeard40%

Until next time, Forth Eorlingas!

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