The Ravaged Galaxy Awaits – Part III

Image from Osprey Games website

We are back again with a progress update from the Ravaged Galaxy! Well, I must say that this month went exceedingly fast and I didn’t get nearly as much completed as I intended. Like most of the gamers that I know, it is very easy to get distracted from your hobby goals and I certainly feel victim to that this month, but that is a story for another day!

What was completed?

While there is not a lot of really show in terms of “completion”, I did make progress towards rounding out my Phase 1 goals and start of my Phase 2 goals. First up, is Phase 1 and the “Final” updates on my two Independent Crews. At first glace these photos probably don’t pop with a lot of difference from last month but I did spend a couple hobby painting sessions touching up some details and adding additional highlights. I’ve taken a few individual photos of some of my favorite models in the collection. I promise this is the last time I’m feature these models!

While I’m on the subject of photos… I also added a new tool in my hobby documentation arsenal. I embraced the “selfie crowd” and bought a cheap light accessory that I can clip to my phone camera to get a brighter and more uniform lighting. It was like $12 on Amazon and I’d say it was worth the price just for improving the lighting on some of these pictures.

Same mini, before and after the ring light.

The introduction of the Space Pirates (Ruffians, Pirates, and Shocktroopers) was intended to be the focus of Phase 2. I have made some progress on these but they are still very much in the WIP mode. I decided to try my hand with some GW Contrast paints for these, in hopes that they would paint up faster. Truthfully, these paints can do a really nice job with base colors and highlights but I think they still go on a little too thick for my liking making it hard to go back and rework them, especially if you end up with too much shading.  So most of these have been basecoated now but I still need to figure out some detailing and highlights (and shading for the metallic bits) to make complete them. I’m trying to decide if I want to do something to “unify” the Pirates and Shocktroopers, perhaps some sort of Clan Insignia or something but I haven’t decided. I guess I will put that on the list as I look to complete Phase 2.

Pirates, Ruffians and Shocktroopers

Of course, readers will also likely notice that I still have not done any proper basing on these models yet. I keep putting that off and will likely do all the basing for the Crews and the Pirates in one go. I am leaning towards the “generic” dark gray rough ground that will likely blend into most gaming tables.

Beyond Phase 2

As I mentioned in my last couple entries, I am also looking at terrain elements for my games too. Given the overall lack of painting progress I thought I’d share a few pieces of terrain that I’m adding to the painting queue. These are all 3D-printed and I’ve included the source for those that are interested.

First Entry is a Starship. Those who follow the Stargrave rumor mill will have heard that some scenarios require small “Starships” to in form of gaming terrain. I backed the Arvalon-8 Miniatures and Starships Kickstarter and this is one of the models from that. It’s called the Chimera and the model is available on My Mini Factory. This model was much larger than I intended and I even had to scale it down to 95% to make the parts fit my printer bed. I assembled it (it’s about ten separate pieces as I recall) and will be adding it to the painting queue. I hope to roughen up the appearance so that the FDM extrusion lines aren’t too much of an overall distraction! It’s not a perfect print by any means but it should like nice on the gaming table. I definitely want to get some more Starships but I’ll try to get them scaled a little smaller (or at least chose smaller ships that have the correct scale).

I also started scouring Thingiverse for some useful models and this Sci-Fi Cargo Skiff really caught my eye. It’s really well designed model that has a lot of configurable parts. It does require a fair bit of assembly, but I like the look of it! For this photo it is currently held together is sticky-tack. I want to prime and paint some of the parts separately before gluing it all together.

I’ve mentioned the Kill Zone style terrain that I’ve been printing. This is from the Printable Scenery Collection. I think this will make for a fantastic module scenery collection. I’ve printed all the walls and buildings so I just need to take a good long weekend and get them painted up!

Well there is a lot to work on… hopefully when we get to March I’ll have a lot more progress to show. After all, the Stargrave rules are due to drop on April 29 so I’ll need to be ready by then!

Until Next time… the Ravaged Galaxy awaits.

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