4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part III

Quick update this month, the progress continues!

Goal 2 Status

Well, the trend of biting off more than this frog can swallow seems to be continuing. The first goal is officially done, the Musketeers finished up strong and led into the turtle team. Got some good progress on the war snappers.

Also, Hopf Ribbideon was finished to lead these frogs. He is just a Skink Alpha by rules, but he can lead these dark troopers through the jungle to find those rebel scum.

These guys are fun to paint and the 3D prints are great. My first time painting 3D resin prints. There are some striations but it could also just be the sculpting of the lizard skin or if not, it blends in perfectly. But they are not done yet and will be back for the next article.

Each giant turtle will be themed in orange, purple, and blue…. And then the future giant warsnapper will be red. TMNT colors…

Goal 3 Status

Step 1: Finish the War Snappers.
Step 2: Paint Cera and entourage “Three-horns never play with longnecks!”

Battle Royale!

Here is some fun you can check out. An online battle report from a friend. He runs a graphics program and adapted it for online play. Although a 2D format, it is a lot of fun and lets you try lists out. Takes a little while to get control of, but games can go fast once you do.

Overall Status


  • 1 Salamander + 3 crew
  • Troglodon
  • Lord Kroak
  • 5 Crocodile Lancers
  • 1 Turtle Star Seer

Future Builds

  • Gargant Snaper
  • Terradons


  • 32 Frogs
  • 2 Frog Priests
  • 3 War Snappers
  • 1 Frog King on Liter
  • 1 Spinosaurus (Sharptooth)
  • 1 Bastiladon (Donny) +3 crew
  • 1 Giant War Turtle (Cera) +4 crew
  • Flaming Purple Skull Spell
  • 2 Giant Chameleons


  • 13 Lily Hammer Frogs
  • 15 Musketeer Frogs
  • Endless Spell: Geminids

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