Under the Baking Sun – Part I

“You said you came to find lost treasure of ancient kings. There is no treasure for you here. All you will find is sand and death.”

“Welcome and have a seat traveler! You must be weary from the long journey. As you take rest allow me to tell you a tale. A tale of riches and greed. A tale of vanity and hubris. A tale…of what happens to those that travel to Khemri.”


The Chicago Dice team is taking a journey back to Warhammer Fantasy. Specifically, back to 6th Edition. Over the past few years the Oldhammer movement has built momentum and our group could not resist the hype. We joined an escalation league of 12 players based at Tyton Games. Each player committed to 250pts of fully based and painted troops by the end of May for our first meetup. We will increase our forces by 100pts a month capping at 1000pts.

After some serious soul searching I selected Tomb Kings for my army. I have fond memories of hobbying on Tomb Kings with my brother back in 2002 and it was my first ‘proper’ Warhammer army. I don’t recall winning many games (James’ Hordes of Chaos saw to that) and I want to see if I can rewrite history. I am going to write – at a bare minimum – monthly articles showing the progress. You’ll be able to view all the articles by clicking the “Projects” category at the top of the page.

Update I

Might as well start with the basics – Core troops! I’ve picked up two boxes of Wargames Atlantic Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors giving me enough bits to make 64 skellies on foot. That should be plenty to form my infantry. My 250pt list only has 10 Skeleton Warriors with bows but I plan to build up quickly. Those 10 archers won’t go anywhere, and I’ll add a block of 16 Skeleton Warriors with spears by the time we hit 500pts. I should have enough from just these two boxes to make two units of 10 with bows, a unit of 16 with spears and a unit of 16 with hand weapon and shields.

I’ve finished building 12 archers and a full unit of 16 warriors with spears. I’m leaving the shields off until I finish painting them. I’m counting on the Games Workshop Tomb Kings shields to give the spear unit that Tomb King flavor they are currently lacking. Next up is to put Vallejo basing material on all the models before I can prime. Once that’s done, all I’ll need to do is just wait for a nice day to get these all primed up.

Progress Report towards May Meetup

Lich Priest – Acquired, need to base – 115

x10 Skeleton Warriors with Bows – Built, need to base – 80
Tomb Swarm – Built, need to base – 45

Total: 250pts

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