Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors

Middlehammer has taken over the gaming group. As we head back to Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition I picked up two boxes of Wargames Atlantic Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors to fill the ranks of my Tomb Kings infantry.

The Good

  • Scale – The proportions on the models are excellent. Unlike many skellies out there, these do not have massive hands and heads. The weapons look great and all the spears / pikes don’t have the chunky look you often see.
  • Pikes – These are fantastic. The unit looks damn impressive with rank upon rank of pikes marching forward.
  • Command – Each sprue has bits for a full command group – musician, standard bearer and champion. Sadly, because there are eight identical sprues per box, you are going to have a ton of extra musician arms, standards and champion heads. Having a separate command sprue to make space for more weapons would have been appreciated.
  • Mold Lines – Minimal and shallow. Cleaning the models was not an issue.

The Bad

  • Variety – The box of 32 Skeletons is composed of eight identical sprues. Each sprue has enough bodies to make four skeletons. Three of the bodies are torsos and legs combined, one is a separate torso and two unattached legs (this one is annoying as hell to build). The similarity in bodies is not an issue, but the limited weapon options are. On each sprue you only get one bow, one pike and one sword. So in each box you only get eight total of each. There are three spears per sprue, however another pike, sword or bow would have been an improvement.
  • Arm joints – Skeleton models are tricky. You need to make them thin enough to look good, but sturdy enough not to snap. Although these models are solid, the arm socket joints are a major pain to work with and I struggled to make them look right.

The Chicago Dice Hot Take

Fantastic box for the money. If you need a skeleton horde for your games, this is the set for you.

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