Ranks and flanks – we back baby!

Let’s dive right in with my first impressions of CMON’s A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game.

After two games I’ve got a good feeling about ASOIF: TMG. Leading up the game’s release, the hype was real. I have not been this excited for game in a long time. I am thrilled to report that ASOIF: TMG is exactly what I was hoping for.

At a high level, ASOIF: TMG is a ranks and flanks miniatures game designed with modern mechanics. What do I mean by ‘modern mechanics’? Just take a look at the options a unit has for movement:

  • Maneuver – Pivot, Move, Pivot
  • March – Move at double, Pivot
  • Charge – Move + 1d6, Attack
  • Retreat – Move + 1d6, Pivot

And it gets better. Units can move through friendly units as long as you end your movement in the clear. Units can also pivot through friendly and enemy units as long as you end your pivot in the clear. These are the most elegant rules for moving blocks of troops I have ever seen.



A few other highlights:

  • When you make contact with an enemy unit after a Charge, just line up your frontage to be 100% or 50% of your opponents. Dead simple.
  • Want to hit your enemy with a ranged attack? Just measure 12″ from the little arrow on your movement try, if you can hit any part of the enemy unit you are in range. Boom.
  • Pivot as much as you want – 90º, 180º, 360º. How about 720º? Go for it!
  • Infantry units are 1 tray of 12 models. Cavalry are 1 tray of 4. Always.
  • Character attachments go in the front rank, leftmost spot. Always.
  • Remove casualties from right to left, back to front. Always.
  • Your character will always be the last model alive in a unit. Always.
  • The game uses plan ‘ol d6s! No proprietary dice!

The list goes on. I am thrilled with ASOIF: TMG so far. The elegance of movement, the simplicity of army construction, the depth of strategy for army creation and tactics from turn to turn.

I cannot wait to play more.


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