The Road to Adepticon 2019 – Dispossessed Duardin

Hey, everyone, Adam here with a contribution to Chicago Dice. We’re taking a trip to the Games Workshop side of things. This past Adepticon was a delight, the Age of Sigmar Team Tournament delivered an exciting, fun-first, hobby experience and I can’t wait for next year. That being said, I have an unfortunate habit of procrastinating and painting up until the night before the event. Thus, my figures never look how I would like and I’m embarrassed by my armies. Also, because I’m so tired, some of the fun is sapped by my fatigue and I can’t enjoy it as much as I know I should.

With that in mind, I am starting now! I have decided on a force I would like to paint up and play that shouldn’t change too much with future releases or if it does it will probably only benefit it! I have decided to paint up a brand new army of Dispossessed Duardin for both Teams and Champs.


Here’s the 2k:

  • Warden King – Resolute and Shoddy Craftsmanship
  • Runelord x3 – 1 has the Ancestral Pickaxe
  • Longbeards x30 – Great Axe and Gromril Shields
  • Longbeards x30 – Great Axe and Gromril Shields
  • Longbeards x20 – Great Axe and Gromril Shields
  • Ironbreakers x 30
  • Irondrakes x20 – Grudgehammer Torpedo
  • 134 models total


This army is a slow but durable wall of bodies. I regret not having any mortal wound
output but I’m a slave to the theme. Every model has a -1 rend save for the Ironbreakers
which should help out against what I’ll see out there and if I don’t run or charge I can re-roll saves with almost every model which should help me hold the objectives I make it to. The one gimmick unit I’m gonna try is a Runelord with the Pickaxe. Most games I think I’ll take a unit of Irondrakes with him to threaten and try and excise heroes or squishy units in the backfield using their drakeguns.


Stay tuned as I log my progression and I hope this keeps me on task and busy! If I start now I should be done well ahead of Adepticon. Until next time!

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