Massive Darkness – The Monsters – Low Troll and High Troll

I’m taking a bit of break from Historicals. Lord knows I love ’em but I need a palate cleanser. Lucky for me, CMONs Massive Darkness is loaded with something like 32 fantastic Roaming Monsters and each one is calling out to be painted.

Under no circumstances do I see myself painting all of the minis, but Ben also has a copy of Massive Darkness and between the two of us, we might be able to get all the monsters painted up.

So, sit back and enjoy the progress as we work our way through the Roaming Monsters from Massive Darkness.

Low Troll

2018-04-01 13.31.15_preview

First up, the Low Troll. I wanted to start with something fun and this model screams OG Warhammer Fantasy. Taking inspiration from Sorastro’s incredible Blood Rage painting guides I finished the model in just two paint sessions. Considering the amount of time I spent on the model, I’m happy with the results.

High Troll


Hot on the heels of the Low Troll is the High Troll. I used Sorastro’s Toll guide as a starting point for the skin and then added my own flavor from there. With these larger scale minis, I am trying out new techniques for blending and mixing paints to create smoother transitions from one highlight to the next. Usually, with my 28mm Historicals, I try to give the minis a real “pop” so they stand out on the table. But because of the size of the Monsters and because they will be used in a board game, I can work in a more subtle manner.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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