Tale of Five Warlords – WIP update II

Warhammer 40,000 has entered a new age – the age of the Dark Imperium. In this deadly era, five warlords answer the call to create new armies for the new edition.

Let’s check-in on Ben, Duffin, Brian, Adam and Dexter on their progress…

Ben – Black Templars


Recently, a bunch of hobby time has gone into my Imperial Fists Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought (check out my review of the kit). I’d intended to save it for after the Black Templars, but the model was just too enticing to not start painting it up. However, the Templars are still being worked on as well, and I began putting paint onto the Emperor’s Champion this week. I love this model and all of the lore behind him. The rules for him in 8th are also pretty potent as a character and monster killer (and he should be, as he seeks to emulate Sigismund, the original Emperor’s Champion).

Duffin – Astra Militarum


The start of Deadmen protecting the Master of Ordnance. Doing a lot of cool colors of blue grey and steel with a stone base. More coming soon. Don’t mind that Imperial Fist!

Brian – Ultramarines


The forces of the Ultramarines have begun to assemble. I’ve been waiting on some of the ultramarine upgrades to become available, but in the meantime I’ve had some fun with the new Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought kit.

Adam – Talons of the Emperor Black Legion

Heresy detected… 


Dexter – Eldar

Farseerer telepathic message intercepted

++++++Begin transition++++++

Eldar in Webway traveling to new destination. Standby for further updates.

++++++End transmition++++++

And so we continue our advance into the darkness! Be sure to check back  for another update!

Keep in mind, although the edition has changed, war…war never changes…

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