Building a game table

A couple weeks ago Ben and I were asked to help build a game table at our friend Tom’s place. I’ve documented the process as we took a CRV full of lumber and turned it into a full 8×4 foot game table. Note, this is not a tutorial, but an overview of the project.

The gaming space
CRV full of lumber
Basic 4×8 foot frame
Bracing top frame for the tabletop
Positioning the tabletop
The ‘trench’ to hold beers and dice while gaming
Adding the storage shelf
Completed table! Still need to add the bottom part of the “trench”
Ben and Tom square off for the first game

Future enhancements include added the bottom layer to the “trench”, sanding and staining the whole table and adding in a few USB charging ports.

I must admin, building a game table, grabbing a few Spotted Cows and playing a game of Bolt Action is one hell of good way to spend a Sunday.

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