WIP Wednesday – Bolt Action USMC

My recent project for Bolt Action has been a force of United States Marines.  Andrew and I signed up for several tournaments (Dragonfall and Operation Sting) several months back, and as I had one of the USMC starter army boxes lying around that I still hadn’t assembled, I figured I would run them. I was able to get the army built fairly quickly, but then as I have a horrible habit of doing, I procrastinated the painting. It was a bit of a scramble finishing my 1K+ points force for Dragonfall, which occured in mid-October (1,000 point list plus a 500 point reinforcement platoon, as the event was set up in an attrition format) and by the time the event came around my force was tournament ready but not actually finished.

With Operation Sting coming up on the 5th of November, I’m currently working on the final steps for the remainder of the force. The steps that still need to be finished are the camo patterns on the helmets, skin tones, and various detail work on weapons and some touchups here and there. Assuming I’m able to finish this all by this Sunday, (which is the goal, and definitely attainable if I abandon my procrastinating ways) I’ll spend next week building up the display board, which will depict the force landing on a beach on Saipan during the Pacific campaign.

Below are a few pictures I snagged while working on them tonight, I’m about halfway through the camo patterns on the helmets, with one set of camo spots needing their highlights and then the third color set needs to be applied. I’ll end up doing a step-by-step guide on a fresh model within a week or two of Sting being complete, but for now it’s nose to the grindstone!

The actual list I’ll be bringing to Sting is below, I don’t think it’s a hyper competitive lineup but it sure is fun (looking at you Buffalo!).

  • 2nd LT – Vet (+1 soldier)
  • Forward Air Observer – Regular (+1 soldier)
  • USMC Squad – Veteran – 9 man, NCO w/ SMG, 2x SMG, 3x Shotgun, 3x BAR (+3 pistols)
  • USMC Squad – Regular – 8 man, NCO w/ Rifle, 4 riflemen, 3 BAR
  • USMC Squad – Regular – 8 man, NCO w/ Rifle, 4 riflemen, 3 BAR
  • USMC Squad – Regular – 8 man, NCO w/ Rifle, 4 riflemen, 3 BAR
  • Sniper Team – Regular
  • Bazooka Team – Veteran
  • Flamethrower Team – Veteran
  • 75mm Light Howitzer – Regular
  • M4A1 Sherman 75mm – Veteran (Pintle MMG, Cancel easily catch fire)
  • LVT4 Water Buffalo – Regular

1250 points, 12 order dice

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