Operation Sting – Chindit platoon fluff

One of the requirements for Operation Sting is a short write up outlining your theme and unit choices. I’ve added my draft below to see what you think. I’d like to get it printed on some parchment paper or something similar and then have it up by the display board during the tournament.  I’m sure Ben is working on his as well…

Guardians of Burma – The Chindits in World War II

In the winter of 1943, before the monsoon season halted all movement, the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade, known as the Chindts, marched into the heart of the Burmese jungle. The goal of this Special Forces unit was simple, to engage and destroy the Japanese who had, until this point, been impossible to confront in their element, the jungle.

This force represents a small Chindit patrol of three rifle sections, one squad of commandos and an allied Gurkah section. These Nepalese soldiers did not seem to be effected by the harsh jungle conditions. To deal with a variety of threats the patrol has several weapons teams offer specialist support. Of course, there teams must be able to carry their weapons on their backs or on the backs of mules. This patrol is fortunate enough to have the support of a Sherman V of the 9th Deccan Horse during the first leg of the march into the jungle. The Sherman provides much needed anti-tank capability to an otherwise lightly armed platoon. Along with the Sherman, a Bren carrier also provides a bit more armor.

At the end of the war the effectiveness of the Chindits will be debated. One fact, however, cannot be denied, these men fought an unforgiving enemy in an unforgiving environment. This platoon represents all the units available to the British forces in the Indian theater.

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