Battle of the Bulge – Tank Destroyer Platoon

This was a project I had wanted to work on for a while, and it finally came to fruition when Andrew ran a Bolt Action Tank War tournament called Armoured Apocalypse.

The models are from Warlord Games (two Hellcats), Rubicon Models (Jeeps), and Trenchworx (everything else, including 3D printed Bazookas, crew, and one Hellcat using the new Trenchworx STL files).

The force uses the US Late-War Tank Destroyer Platoon from Campaign: D-Day: US Sector and consists of five M-18 Hellcats, one M8 Greyhound, one Jeep with an HMG, two Transport Jeeps, and two Bazooka teams.


Black Cat and Chief (Command Tank)

Hellbound and Wolf Pack

Cougar and War Eagle

Bazooka teams and their Transport Jeeps

I do have some additional tweaks and additions that I want to make to this force over time, including adding some more crew/passengers in the tanks and jeeps and possibly whitewashing the canvas covers over the gun mantlets on two of the Hellcats to match some photos I’ve seen of vehicles from the period. With that being said however, still very happy with how they turned out, and look forward to expanding on my Battle of the Bulge forces in the future.

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