12 Months, 25 Dollars – Part 7, October ’21

Following the example set by Dino over at Chaosbunker, starting last month, I will abide by a simple rule:

Every month I have a budget of $25 for my hobby.

Last month I predicted I’d be able to hold onto my hobby funds for October. I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

Let’s start with the positive cash flow. I had $8.74 in the hobby bank, plus the $25 added for October, plus $115 in sales from the Michigan GT Bitz Trading event. I sold off some old models that were just sitting around collecting dust (Blood & Plunder, ASOIF). I was a highly motivated seller and didn’t want to bring anything back with me from the trading! All told, I was looking at a $148.74 surplus in October! That’s the most I’ve had in the hobby bank since the beginning of this tracking. Thus, with almost $150 burning a hole in my pocket, I only had one choice – spend it.

And spend it I did!

My friend of mine heard I was looking for just a couple Tomb Kings kits for Under the Baking Sun and he was willing to part with them. It was a more than fair price for both Settra the Imperishable and a metal Screaming Skull Catapult. And just like that, poof, the hobby budget is blown. Not complaining! I’ve been on the hunt for these two models for a long time and I’m looking forward to getting them painted. I had one more large purchase for the month. Shipped directly from Germany, the Deepcut Studios Cobblestone Streets v2 6×4 mat! It arrived a couple weeks back and let me tell you, this is a beautiful game mat. I am thrilled with this purchase as my Bolt Action table finally nears completion.

MonthFunds remainingItem
April$13Stug Ridders ($12)
May-$5Zodiac Kickstater ($15), Jaws Board Game ($15)
June$1Campaign: D-Day: US Sector ($24)
July$11Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms ($14)
Aug.$-9Wargames Atlantic Skeletons ($19), Tomb Kings bits ($15)
Sept.$-2.26Paint ($27.26)
Settra the Imperishable and Screaming Skull Catapult ($80), Battlemat ($102), Bitz trade sales (+115)

Well, I was once again unable to hold funds for a month. And I put myself in the red. I need to hold that November $25 and try to get back to even. Tune in next month to find out how it goes!


Back in the black! Welcome to November! In October I attended the local Armour Con and played in an Age of Sigmar event. At the tournament I was able to score a Best Painted award for the Chicago Dice club! (Andrew, add it to the flag.) This event ran a unique prize pool system. For everything you did at the Con, you would earn stamps for your passport. Play in a demo, two stamps. Play in a tournament, five stamps. Buy from a vendor, one stamp. Podium or win a painting award, ten stamps etc.

With my stamps, I picked up some random boxed sets for games that I do not play. (At that point the prize table was pretty cleaned out). So I was able to sell them and snag some cash to cover these other hobby expenses.

With Phase 1 of the Cosmic Frogs complete, moving into Phase 2 requires some more hobby supplies. So, I’ve ordered some more spray primer, airbrush paints and restocked my Vallejo drip bottles.

Back in the positives for the budget, but I know I have a 3D print I still want to get… but I do not foresee any other expenses for the rest of the year…

MonthFunds remainingItem
May$10.05 PoweredPlay circuit board ($14.95)
June$14.01Ring Light ($10.99)
July$0.00Egyptian Horus Guard ($13.19) and General’s Handbook ($42.25)
Aug.-$25.67Green Stuff, magnets and 28mm Predator masks
Sept.-$3.95Magnet bases, transport tub, metal sheeting ($38.95) + Sales (+$35)
Oct.-3.00Sales (+$50), Vallejo, primer, airbrush paint ($50)


I have been a good boy in the month of October and haven’t spent a dime for anything hobby related. This month just passed so extremely fast, I just didn’t had time to pull out my wallet in time, haha. Hobby wise I am still on the ultramodern and Zona Alfa hype, currently still trying to get my arms around this 3D printing and accumulated pile of “extra” shame. I did start a coop campaign with two buddies in Zona Alfa with the Kontraband expansion and we are all having a blast so far!

For our unofficial Spectre Discord Server Challenge I managed to finish this bad boy up – actually planned to use it for something else, but the scaling is a bit off (tad too small), so I repurposed the Truck as a Technical for my fictitious PMC company, but see for yourself.

Fitting for it I finished a Team of 7 High-Risk Contractors in the familiar scheme of the graphic novel Black Powder Red Earth. As they just released their own 28mm rules for a fast sub-30 minute skirmish game played on a 2′ x 2′.

Models by Turnbase Miniatures – painted as EMBER Crisis Troops

Financially the month of October brought me back into a positive balance. Yay!

MonthFunds remainingItem
June5.02€ Campaign: D-Day: US Sectors (19.98€ )
July30.02€ x3 Rubicon Models Schwimmwagen (39.71€)
Aug.-88.56€Sale of terrain (+140€), Big Spectre order (243.87€)
Sept.-5.12€Sale of terrain (+79.17€), Exploit Zero PDF (-20.73€)
Oct. 25€No purchases! Is this even possible?!


The Fine Print
The $25 per month limit applies to models, rules, paint and supplies. It does not apply to event tickets or travel costs.

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