Under the Baking Sun – Part V

Have you heard the legend of Settra the Imperishable? The Great Hawk of the Heavens? Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands? The Eternal Sovereign of Khemri’s Legions? No? My dear lad, I am once again astounded you’ve made it this far. Come, rest. This is a long tale and one that has not yet concluded.

Work continues! Slowly, ever so slowly. With Adepticon 2022 preparations in full swing, I’m afraid the Tomb Kings will once again return to deep slumber under the sands. There is chance I’ll finish my Adepticon projects ahead of schedule and will be able to crack on with the Tomb Kings but, c’mon, I think we all know that’s not gonna happen. Thus, your guess is as good as mine for when Part VI will surface. But for now, let’s take a look at what has been completed!

Paint Splatter

Turns out, horses take a long-ass time to paint. Before painting the chariots themselves, I wanted to complete the horses and the bases. Attempting to paint the chariot, crew, horses and base all at once seemed like a terrible idea. So, I started with just the horses thinking it would be a quick first step. I was wrong. Those horses took forever! I used the same process as the skeleton warriors, there is just a lot of bone to cover. I also made a slight conversion to the horses for the Tomb King/Prince chariot. I cut off these two small headdress pieces from a couple of plastic Tomb Guard and added them to both horses. Simple, yet effective. I wanted to add a bit of differentiation to the chariot for the Tomb King/Prince.

Once the horses were complete, I completed the bases using the same method as before. Again, this was much easier without the chariot itself. From experience I knew that trying to paint and drybursh under an already attached chariot would not have gone well. Plus, I still have no idea how I want to paint the chariots. The crew will be no problem. But the actual chariot? Yikes. Flat color? Blue? Red? Purple? Add a pattern? Maybe some freehand? Still thinking that one through.

The unit of 16 Skeleton Warriors with spears and shields is complete! I had then well in progress during Part IV and they are now fully completed and ready to march to war.

Sprues & Glue

I got more skellies. And I built those skellies. A full unit of 16 Skeleton Warriors with hand weapons and shields and a handful of Skeleton Warriors with bows to complete a second unit of 12. For Core units, that is pretty much it! The only unit I have yet to build is the Heavy Horse but after my experience painting those chariot horses, those are going to sit unbuilt for a while. I have a stack of plastic Tomb Guard to build as well but before taking on another block of troops I’ve got something else just waiting to be constructed…a metal beast from a forgotten past – the Bone Giant!

Progress Report towards battle with Cole

I am thrilled to report that a metal Screaming Skull Catapult has been secured! I’ll need to strip the catapult and get a base, but I’m not worried about it. In addition, I also got my hands on the King of Kings, Lord of the Earth, Monarch of the Sky, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Settra. The. Imperishable! Oh goodness am I excited! The model is one of the Finecast productions that took place during a “print on demand” offers from Games Workshop a couple years back. He’s unbuilt and looks fantastic. I now have a proper leader for the this growing army – 3,000pts, here we come!

Liche Priest

Tomb SwarmDone
x12 Skeleton Warriors with Standard and bows – Done
x12 Skeleton Warriors with Standard and bows – Built
x16 Skeleton Warriors with full Command, spears and shields (16) – Done
x16 Skeleton Warriors with full command, hand weapons and Shields – Built
x3 Chariots with Standard – Built, Paining in progress

Tomb ScorpionDone

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