Ben’s 2020 Hobby Goals

Time for a new decade of hobbying! In all likelihood this will mean a massive number of ideas for projects, many of which never come to fruition, but I’m hoping I can get cranking on a few that I’ve let lapse in the past that I still want to do, as well as some new ones that have come up the pipeline. Similar to Andrew, I plan on making updates quarterly to see where I am at compared to the goals I’ve set. I have acquired or started working on all of the listed projects other than those marked as Concepts, which are ideas that I may get to after other projects are done. It’s also possible that I’ve forgotten some projects that were on tap, if so I’ll add them in when I remember!

Bolt Action

  • Early War German Armored/Kradschutzen Platoon (plus display)
  • US Airborne – Market Garden Platoon (plus display)
  • USMC – Revisit and complete this force, including new LVTs. This is lower priority but something I have wanted to do for a while.
  • US Army – Additional units to complement my Battle of the Bulge Anti-Tank Platoon, including a Hellcat Tank Destroyer section


  • Red Box Games – Norse Warband – I started painting these last year, and am very excited to push forward and get them completed.
  • Concept – Fellowship of the Ring-themed warband
  • Concept – Necromancer/Undead warband

Black Powder

  • British Waterloo Infantry Brigade(s)
  • British Waterloo Cavalry Brigade
  • British Waterloo Artillery Battery

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • 40+ Points of Night’s Watch
  • 40+ Points of House Stark

Oak and Iron

  • I purchased the Kickstarter for this game and will be receiving one of each ship. I plan to paint them up in British colors, but that may change down the line. This will be a post-Adepticon project, although I am playing in the intro tournament there.

Blood & Plunder

  • English Buccaneers (plus their brigantine). This has been on the backburner for ages, with units primed but never painted. Would like to get them painted up and onto some display shelves as the minis are great.

Blood & Valor

  • Concept Complete 40 point Platoon – I will be playing either British or French. Will be deciding this soon, as I will be participating in the Adepticon intro tournament for the game.

Age of Sigmar

  • The goal is to complete a 2,000 point army. I will likely either be revisiting my Savage Orcs (Bonesplittaz as they are now called) or my Stormcast, but I may go with the newly teased Aelves. This project will be down the road a few months before I make a decision.

Warhammer 40,000

  • Crusade of Wrath – Black Templars, Astra Militarum, and Sisters of Battle – Another project where I have had a lot of the pieces to do it for a long time. Now with the newly released plastic Sisters I may revisit this.

Other Projects

  • 1/535 scale USS Iowa (plus display box with water effects)
  • Trolley Tom and Tram Sam (from the Trial by Trolley Kickstarter)
  • Secret Weapon Tablescapes 6×4 – I’ve had these tiles for forever and have never actually gotten around to painting them up and adding some effects to them. This is a project that I really want to get to so I have a usable gaming table, especially now that I’ve gathered up enough various terrain pieces to fill it out.

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