Andrew’s 2020 Hobby Goals

New year, same me. To make my hobby goals more real, I’m putting them down on virtual paper. I’ve also kept my 2019 hobby goals for reference. The idea is to update this master list at the end of each quarter with new status (Acquired, built, painted, completed).

  • SAGA
    • Complete 6pt. Late Roman warband – Building in Progress
      • Footsore Miniatures Mounted Hearthguard
      • Footsore Miniatures Warriors on foot
    • Play in an event
  • Frostgrave
    • Complete Red Box Games Frostgrave warband – Painting in Progress
    • Complete Durgin Paint Forge Frosegrave warband – Acquired
    • Play a campaign – In progress
  • Age of Sigmar
    • Complete 2,000pt. Beasts of Chaos army – Building in Progress
      • Chaos Gargant
      • Doombulls x2 (Zelot Miniatures)
      • Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (Conversion)
    • Play in a Clash of the Tytons tournament
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Complete and Crimson Fists Battalion – On Hold
    • Complete Astra Militarum Battalion – Painting in Progress
    • Play in Adepticon 2020 Team Tournament
  • Bolt Action
    • Complete N. Africa Italian armored platoon – Acquired
    • Complete British Burma armored platoon – Acquired
    • Complete Early War German Kradschützen Platoon – Painting in Progress
    • Play in Adepticon 2020 Doubles
    • TO Adepticon 2020 Combat Patrol
  • Blood & Valor
    • Complete a 40pt Platoon
    • Play in Adepticon 2020 Intro Tournament 
  • Black Powder
    • Complete a Waterloo French Army – Acquired
      • French Line Infantry Brigade
      • Old Guard Brigade
      • Cavalry Brigade
  • A Song of Ice & Fire
    • Complete 40pt. Free Folk army – Painting in Progress
  • Competition painting
    • The Raider by Nocturna Models – Acquired
    • The Etnernal by Gura Resin Kits – Acquired
    • Joshua by Bolt Miniatures – Acquired
    • Enter 2020 MMSI Chicago Show
  • General hobby
    • Paint just to paint, be less game focused
    • Maintain “hour a night” status
    • Publish more content, one article a month at a minimum
    • Purchase fewer models

Well, that should be enough to get started. I’ll make a new post in early April with progress updates.

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