Warlord Games Autoblinda AB41

I was wary of picking up this kit. Historically, resin and metal model kits are, as a rule, a huge pain. There can be warping, miscast components, required drilling, pinning and removal of release agent. All hassles that you don’t have to deal with when building a plastic kit.

Luckily, the Warlord Games Autoblinda AB41 had none of those issues.

The kit was one of the quickest builds I have done. Really simple, no instructions needed. After I washed and cleaned the resin body (which had almost no mold-lines) all I had to do was attach the four wheels, a small vent on the back, the rear-facing machine gun and two tow hooks. It couldn’t have been simpler.


The turret was much the same. Single resin piece, almost no cleaning required. I added on the autocannon barrel and a metal top hatch – that’s it. Again, I am really impressed with how hassle free the build was. Of course, the downside of such a simple kit is the lack of additional features but that is where the Rubicon German Stowage Kit comes in.


Using the stowage kit I added a few jerrycans, some tarps and an ammo box to add just a bit more character to the model. I also added an MMG to the turret pintle mount. Since the kit did not come with a MMG, I scrounged one from an unused Italian MMG team. I wanted to add the MMG because is the option to add one for 15 points in Bolt Action – a must take in my opinion.

Final thoughts

I am pleasantly surprised with the Warlord Games Autoblinda AB41. The cast was clean, the build was easy and detail is excellent. My only gripe is the lack of an included pintle mount MMG but it was easy enough to rig one up myself. I cannot wait to get it painted up! I still need to decide what scheme to use though. Tank Encyclopedia has some very interesting camo patterns…

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