WIP Wednesday – July 19

Check out the progress from the Chicago Dice team every week with WIP Wednesday! 

Christian – Warhammer 40,000 Dark Imperium


This week I’ve been eight hours away from home in Michigan’s U.P but that hasn’t stop me putting together my Dark Imperium box set! These miniatures are so easy to assemble and it’s been a nice project in my down time here. Now to start deciding what colors to choose from for my Space Marines!

John – Moving


John is currently moving across the country from California to North Carolina and his hobby update is packing. Safe travels!

Andrew – Bolt Action Italians


This week I built a Warlord Games Autoblinda AB41, primed all the Empress Miniatures cavalry and infantry and continued playing in the Tyton Games Bolt Action escalation league. This is the first time I have used cavalry and the escalation league has been the perfect opportunity to learn how these units work. I learned the hard way to never charge Japanese infantry as well as how fast cavalry are. It’s unlike any army I have used before and I need a lot more practice before Dragon Fall and Operation Sting.

Ben – Warhammer 40,000 Black Templars and Bolt Action U.S. Marines


Most of my hobby time recently has gone into the Black Templars, which you can see in our Tale of Warlords posts. I’ve also been looking ahead to Operation Sting however and the other day figured out what I still needed to assemble for my USMC force. Several weapons teams and a few riflemen incoming!

Until next week!

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