Road to Dallas: Crunch Time

Even though it is less than two weeks until the  Inner Circle’s Ritual of Judgement, I’m not worried. This week saw a whole slew of components finished up.

The best progress by far is my entire Field Artillery pit. I’ve decided due to the uniqueness of each piece, I’ll be entering them as their own unit. The crewmen were painted on bottle tops, held in place by sticky tack, while the mortars were painted on their bases. Once both were completed, the crewmen were glued on and texture paint added. I also finished 20 standard infantry in two days. I can really feel like I’m improving in technique and speed with each batch.

This week I also continued work on my display board. After the glue had fully set, I went about creating the pools by using spray paint. It was as simple as spraying the paint on the exposed foam in the shape I wanted, spraying more and more until it melted down to a suitable depth.

Then, I cut a large platicard to exact shapes to create a sleek border for my board, using an Exacto knife.

Next, I created a texture and a primable surface using Liquid Nails. This is also what I used to glue the borders on with.  I applied it using a small piece of plasticard as a spreader. I was careful to ensure all foam was covered.

Then, I primed it. I hit it from multiple angles to ensure complete coverage.

I then base coated it with Dryad Bark by hand, then dry brushed Steel Legion Drab, followed by Zandri Dust.

Next, I applied Vallhalan Blizzard in patches around the board, so that my bases match. I prepped for the addition of Woodland Scenics Realistic Deep Pour Water Murky by applying Yellow Silt Water Undercoat to the pools.

I’ve actually already applied the water effects, but unseen holes in a few of my pools caused it to not raise to the proper levels. However, the pools that did fill look great, and those that didn’t are easily fixed by filling in the holes with Amazing Goop and pouring another batch.

With all this project in just a week, I’m confident in finishing.

The war marches on…

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