Road to Dallas: In the bog, but not bogged down

Taking a break last week for Easter Sunday, I return with sizable progress. Infantry continues to be done piece by piece and I project to be finished with time to spare at what is currently the three week marker.

One of my biggest achievements has been a custom Great Unlcean One. It’s a behemoth of a model and is unique to my army alone, so I had to go all out on it. One of the key steps to painting it was doing heavy dry brushes of Screamer Pink after my initial base coat of Skavenblight Dinge around the eye, mouth, and any areas that I imagined would be joints/ organic spots. It’s very subtle, but it gives the model that extra push from being just a tree to a living creature.

I’ve also started constructing my display board, which will aim to look like a Nurgle bog. Using some 2x2s from Menards and some green foam. After sanding down the board edges, I cut the foam to shape using a hot knife. I then clamped it down and let my glue cure.

It will take 24 hours for the board to cure and be ready for the next stage, but I’m satisfied with my progress. Currently my army has been scaled back. The Sanqiunary Guard conversion project feel through due to my glue improperly curing. However, this worked out to my advantage. By scaling back slightly on the number of units, I feel that my project will be stronger. It’s crunch time and the ground begins to shake to the sound of synchronized foot falls.

The war marches on…

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