Adepticon, the clock is ticking

With exactly one week until Adepticon 2017 begins I have been in a hobby frenzy. Being on such an extreme time crunch I won’t be going into as much detail as normal for my update. Right now I am working on:

Display board for the Warhammer 40,000 team tournament – The display will have two levels; the lower containing the two Genestealer Cults forces and the upper displaying the Scions and the Tyranids. We are looking to create a narrative of a cult uprising with Tyranid forces attacking a Scion base from above and cult forces pouring in from below. I’ve got a few ideas on how to link the bottom and top layers together but there not time to do anything too fancy.

Acolyte hybrids – All twenty of the Acolytes are painted and ten have final basing as well. All I have left to do is base the other 10.

Neophyte hybrids – All twelve are painted, only need basing. The bases have been cleaned up and primed, I need to sit down for an hour and crank out the 40-ish bases I have remaining.

Aberrants – I’ve finished five of the total fourteen I need. I love the models but they suffer from mono-pose syndrome like you would not believe. For such a powerful unit it surprised me that they did not get a full box release like the Acolytes and the Neophytes.

Goliath trucks – Still sitting on blocks un-primed. I am getting worried these two trucks will be a last minute scramble and that will be a shame as they have the potential to serve as focal points for the army.

Opel Blitz trucks – Both trucks are done. If I have time I will add another Partiboy holding a flag standing in the truck bed. With the insane amount of infantry in our Partisan force, these two trucks add some much needed variety.

Display cart – In order to haul around these armies and refreshments at Adepticon, Maya and I modified a plastic shelving unit to serve as a rolling display/bar. A display cart like this will run anywhere from $80 to $160 depending on the size but we were able to build one for much less. Plus, we can adjust the number of shelves as needed, unlike a one piece utility card. My only concern is with the weight of the cooler on the bottom shelf. We are going to be rolling up with a whole ‘buffet’ of drink options for both ourselves and our opponents.

Adepticon 2017 is almost here and there is still so much to do! Good thing I didn’t plan on sleeping this weekend…

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