Hey everyone! For todays WIP I am going to show you how I’ve been going about painting my skitarii. Like I mentioned in a previous post my friend and I are both working on escalating our armies up. I have currently working on my Ryza themed skitarii. I currently have all my rangers and vanguard basecoated, which I am going to show you what colors and some ideas I use.

First off was basecoating, made easy with my Iwata eclipse airbrush.

4 - 0pUvhIM

I have found the lower psi’s combined with only thinning the citadel paints slightly gives me the best and smoothest coverage, ending with a result like this.

3 - C40jaAB

The most time consuming part then comes afterwards, trying to block in and base coat the colors. I personally work in a messier fashion and often had to go back and clear things up with the jokera orange. Luckily this is quite easy if a thin a layer of the orange is placed, taking care not to keep pushing the paint around once the initial layer is placed, not doing so can cause crumbliness and unevenness.

The colors are pictures below, including; Jokera Orange, Abadon black, Caliban Green(eyes) Ushabti Bone (parchment), Hashut Copper, Khorne Red and Leadbelcher.

9 - 0YSG5ZH

With regards to the Leadbelcher I have come to really enjoy using the air brush version as the consistency is perfect right out of the pot. Thin enough for good smoothness yet having enough pigment to give good coverage. I would highly recommended trying these paints even if you’re not using an airbrush.

For work not using the airbrush my go to’s included the small layer brush from Games workshop most recent line of brushes and some brush cleaner. Brush cleaner might seem insubstantial but can really help to bring your brush back to life even half way through a session where constant use can lead to minor splits or hairs starting to get out of place. I find it is especially good for use after going from dark colored paints to much brighter ones, in my instance , black to orange

8 - d4LZYTL

7 - qjgX9h7

Lastly, whenever I am nearing the end of base coating I always try to section off the miniature into halves, quarters or sections that would make sense for the scale of model you are doing and essentially check to make sure each color I am using in that specific region is good to go. This means that the colors have been even and smoothly applied and reach every little detail and surface, the details themselves are picked out in the right colors and that anything I might have missed can be corrected.

1 - 4WbctQF

With the final check being done, here is what we are left with, I am a little unsure of all the black in the abdominal area but feel after washes are applied an overall darkening in color will make this less stark. I look forward to washing, as it is almost magical how much better miniatures look afterwards. In all using my quartering method really helped in catching all the details and making sure to use thin paint in a clear and executed plan really helped to power through these guys. I hope to share more with you guys soon!

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