Figure Mentors

I love it when I find quality content on the internet. Even more so when that content is created by fans. I have slowly been creating a list of hobby blogs that produce the highest caliber of content and one of the top contenders is Figure Mentors.

Simply put, Figure Mentors is next level, top tier miniature content. Jason Martin aka Redrum produces and reviews mostly boutique, non-gaming products and showcases some of the best products in the fine scale models industry.

Every aspect of the miniatures hobby is covered by Redrum. He has model kit reviews, both practical and theoretical tutorials, interviews with other modelers and showcases. Take this article on OSL for example, incredible. That is just one example of the quality content produced on Figure Mentors.

If you are looking for more, or you want to support Redrum and the Figure Mentors blog, there is a Patreon available. Supporters have access to exclusive tutorials, videos, one-on-one sessions and more.

Figure Mentors, like our previous spotlight on heresybrush, represents the gold-standard for hobby resources and I recommend you bookmark and reference often.

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