Sylvaneth (Start Collecting box)

Hey everyone, I am very excited to be a part of the Chicago Dice team! For my WIP I am currently working on my Start Collecting! box of Sylvaneth. I’ve always loved the tree people as I refer to them and said what the heck and bought the box. I’ve built everything in the box plus a bonus treelord, who still needs a base. With everything assembled I am still debating on color choices.


This is my current color pallet. I envisioned a whole force of darkish blue dryads with autumn color leaves. I started off by airbrushing everything Stegadon scale green, a very dark blue hue.I also based the “soft bark” areas an accents Thunderhawk blue. After seeing the dark color I was unsure whether or not to stick with it since it might be too dark for someone to make out the blue. Since I am using a test model I ran with it. I really do not like the texture that drybrushing can give but felt a wash would help it out. Next, I quickly hit the little details, my autumn leaves of orange, red and yellow colors and green in the eyes and runes. Here’s what I ended up with in a couple minutes of testing.

I am pretty happy with my test model. I think highlighting with a very bright color like Fenrisian blue and then washing with a blue wash rather than green will help as well. I plan on giving the eyes and runes more of a bright and glowing effect also! With the semester over I hope to really start cranking through these guys. Until then KEEP PAINTING THEM MINIS AND ROLLING THEM DICE!

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