WIP Wednesday – Stormcast Eternals


After doing some further research on USMC uniforms and talking to John, who’s also working on some Bolt Action USMC models right now, I realized that it would be more accurate (and also quicker) to do the flat colors for the jackets on the Marines rather than trying to do camo on the entire uniform. As such, I needed a couple of extra paints to get to that unique shade of green-grey they were using, so I put that army to the side while the Vallejo colors were being shipped and started working on some Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals in preparation for a summer campaign at a local Games Workshop store.

I bought and assembled the Stormcast from the AoS starter set back when it first released a year ago, but while the rule system was decent, I wasn’t too enthralled with the game as a whole. Now that the Generals Handbook is coming out with a Match Play (points system) ruleset, I’ve decided to give it another go.

After reading through the points for the Stormcast while at my local GW I set up a list for 1,000 points and decided to start with that.  The basic force includes a total of 20 Liberators (the basic ground troops) in 2 squads, 5 Paladins (there’s 3 possible types I could go with here, Retributors, Decimators, or Protectors. I haven’t fully decided which ones I’m going to use, I have enough models to assemble that I could run any of the above), a Lord Celestant on foot, a Lord Castellant, and either some Judicators or Prosecutors (bowmen or hammer-wielding angel types with wings, respectively).

I’ve started on the basing for one of the Liberator squads. It will consist of a layer of snow over rocks and mud, as I think the white snow will look fantastic next to the gold and purple armor that I’m planning. I’m going to finish the mud and rocks on the basing and then probably paint the legs of the models before I glue them down. Once the Stormcast are attached to the bases I’ll apply the snow layer and do the upper halves of the models.

I also purchased a box of the Dracothian Guard and built them as a pair of Fulminators. They are beautiful models; I personally love the Dracoths even though I’ve heard some hate for them. I’ll be getting some more of these in the future to add to my Stormcast Extremis forces, which right now consist of just the two Fulminators and the Lord Celestant on Dracoth from the AoS starter box.


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