WIP Wednesday – Chindits, Bushido and Infinity

Hello all! It has been a while since my last WIP Wednesday and I have been working on a few projects. Progress on the Bolt Action Chindits continues, I built a Bushido Savage Wave starter set and started an Infinity terrain commission.

Even though Operation Sting is not until the first weekend of November I am starting to feel the pressure to get the Chindits done. I have finished painting 12 of the troops with rifles, the medium mortar team and the artillery observer but none of the basing is finished. All that is needed is some leafy textures of some kind as a finishing touch. Next up I have the primed Lt., the flamethrower team and the AT rifle team.

Last weekend I quickly cranked out a Bushido Savage Wave starter set. A friend of mine offered to teach me the game and I needed a force to play with. As it was only a demo game I did not have the compulsion to play with painted models. As much as I love the models, the art and the fluff, I am really not a fan of the game. Now, I know not to pass judgement after only one play (and a small demo game at that) but I must say, I was not impressed. I’ll give Bushido another go and I will get these awesome models painted but, needless to say, my motivation to paint them has dropped.

Finally, I have been working on a commission for some Infinity terrain. I am working on a set of four buildings from Customeeple and these are some of the biggest pain in my ass kits I have ever built. The instructions are terrible, the components are poor quality, difficult to work with and need to be constantly cut down to size. That being said, once these are painted, they look great. But it simply not worth the aggravation. I’ll be sure to write a review when it’s all said and done. I have a feeling it will be the opposite of my Sarissa Precision review.

That’s for now. Until next time, keep on hobbying!

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