Blog spotlight: HeresyBrush

Last weekend I picked up a copy of PaintingWar Issue 1: WWII German Army. I was looking for some painting guides and ending up discovering much more.

Each issue of PaintingWar features multiple tutorials covering one specific era from one painter. Issue 1 highlights the work of Ruben “HeresyBrush” Torregrosa and luckily he has a fantastic blog. HeresyBrush is jam packed with articles highlighting his work and a wide range of tutorials.

Painting guides range from weathering effects to camouflage patterns and are all worth a look. His work is not limited to 28mm either. Even though I work almost exclusively with 28mm I found his 15mm tutorials valuable as well.

Even though HeresyBrush hails from Spain the majority of the guides have been translated over to English and Google Translate can handle the rest. Plus, with the step-by-step nature of painting guides, you can still get a lot of information even without the text.

I suggest  HeresyBrush to anyone interested in top quality miniature painting. I will take inspiration from HeresyBrush and hope that  Chicago Dice can, one day, be as valuable a resource for hobbyists.

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