Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower first impressions

So the other week Andrew and I broke out Silver Tower upon it’s release. We had each bought our own sets, so to speed things up I built heroes from mine and he worked on the Tzeentch guys from his (and then I helped, since there’s a lot more of the Tzeentch than there are heroes of course). We didn’t work for too long on the Saturday of release, but Sunday afternoon we finished up building the models and were able to start up a game with a couple other friends.

And of course the other two friends decided they didn’t want to use the heroes we had just built, so we ran with an Excelsior Priest, a Fyreslayer Doomseeker, and then the other two brought a Knight-Venator (the archer Stormcast hero) and a Dark Elf Sorceress.

The tiles have the same quality as those from the original game, building the dungeon as you go is incredibly fun and one of my favorite aspects of the Warhammer Quest game line. Silver Tower redesigned the way that heroes work, simplifying many of the rules in the same way Age of Sigmar simplified the fantasy ruleset. I won’t go into much detail since this is just our first impressions post, but I found that for the most part the rules that GW came up with for how the hero phase/activations work is intuitive and easy to remember. One somewhat disappointing factor is that every hero has the same number of wounds at 5 before you are ‘downed,’ and you don’t level up in the same way as WH Quest. You gain skills as you level, so your heroes do advance in ways, but it’s a very different feeling overall.

I would say that while Silver Tower was definitely a fun experience in our first session, it’s not the same as the original Warhammer Quest. I’m not necessarily saying WH Quest is a BETTER game, especially having only played Silver Tower once, but they are different enough that I could see myself picking up Quest one week and Silver Tower the next. Silver Tower may be an evolution of Quest, but it’s definitely not a Warhammer Quest sequel in my opinion.


We’ll be putting up a full review complete with pictures and far more detail about the game once we have a couple of sessions under our belts. Due to travel and holidays and all that we haven’t had a chance to really dig into the game, so once that happens we’ll have a full review coming your way.

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