Review – Back 2 Base-ix paint rack

It’s the time for the first Chicago Dice review! Ben and I are making a push for a regular posting schedule starting with product reviews on Fridays. We will be looking at everything from hobby products to games.

Read on for my review of the Back 2 Base-ix paint rack.

I have been searching for a paint storage solution for a while. After a lot of research and poking around I ordered a pair of MDF Back 2 Base-ix straight sections for “The Rack” system.


The paint rack came in multiple laser-cut MDF sections along with hardware and non-slip silicon feet for the bottom. The only tool required for assembly is a medium Philips screwdriver.


Assembly was fast and simple. Back to Base-ix has an easy to follow tutorial video on their product page that covered the construction process. Some printed instructions would have been nice, but it was not an issue.

Once the frame was locked into place I added the shelves. The top two shelves also contain room for storing brushes and tools. The only issue is that the holes are all a uniform size, so if you have brushes that do not fit, that feature cannot be used.

Unlike other MDF paint racks I have seen, this one uses a nut and bolt system to secure the pieces. This resulted in a final construction that was much sturdier than I expected it to be.


The paint rack was designed to allow the names of the paints to show through even when the rack is fully loaded. This is a big deal for people who use the short Games Workshop paint pots.


Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. With enough room for 41 paint pots and a price point just over $25 US, this is great product. Plus, the entire system is module and comes with magnets to attach other parts of “The Rack” system. I’ll be looking into one of the curved sections and maybe a tool storage section as well.

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