Ben’s 2016 Hobby goals

Following Andrew’s post about his active hobby goals for the 2016 year, it made me think about my own plans and I decided to write up a list of my own. At the moment most of my minis and hobby supplies are packed up in a storage unit until I have a new apartment locked in, but the concepts are still flowing and I’ve got a few ideas and plans for the near future, with the end point for this particular list being Adepticon 2017. This list will include some “Primary” or “set-in-stone I know this is what I want to do” goals and a couple of floater ideas that I’ve always planned to do but never got around to.

Primary Goals

Bolt Action – United States Marine Corps: I’m signed up for Operation Sting in November, and recently while fiddling with ideas and talking to Andrew about his Chindits I remembered that I had the starter army for the USMC sitting in my storage. The models are great, but I never got around to building them, so I’ve decided to make them my army for Sting.  It’s a 1250 point tournament, so I’ll be doing at least that much, but probably will be moving up to around 1500 since that’s a more standard game size in our groups.  This goal also includes the creation of a display board for the USMC force that I’ll be fielding at Sting (And possibly again at other events). The WIP concept for the board is about a 24” by 18” layout that depicts the Marines landing on Saipan. I’ll post more on it once I start serious work.

Bolt Action – German Tank War Force: Adepticon 2017 registration won’t be up for a bit, so there’s no guarantee on exactly what this will look like. I ran Americans last year, so I’d like to swap it up and run Ze Germans this year, since I have a bunch of their vehicles built but mostly unpainted. Assuming it’s 1500 points like last year, this may consist of 4 Panzer IV’s supported by some infantry. Still more of a concept here though, I’ll update once it’s more fleshed out.

Arena Rex – Legio XIII: Along with several of the buddies I grabbed Arena Rex when we were at Adepticon 2016. I picked up Legio XIII, who run with a very Roman heavy theme (big shocker). The models are fantastic, if a bit flimsy (some required a bit of work on replacement spears and pinning to ensure they wouldn’t snap). I’ve done the base work on the first 4 models, but they still have a long way to go. I ordered the remaining members of the Legio and we’re waiting on shipment now, I know the company got swamped and sold out of nearly everything during Adepticon week.

Warhammer 30k – Imperial Fists:  I started this force with the intent of playing it at Adepticon for the 30k team tournament. Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend that particular day in the end, but I had a blast working on the army and still need to finish it. I stopped for a while because I burned out slightly trying to push for the finish line, but it’s one that I plan on finishing up in the near future. The force was themed around Sigsimund protecting Loyalist forges on Mars, and includes several Veteran squads along with a squad of Templar Brethren and a Land Raider. I’d say overall the force is about 75% of the way to where I want it to go. I need to go back and touch up some models, and others still need to be finished. Mostly detail work remaining.  At some point I’ll also want to expand on this army.

Secondary/Concept Goals

Warhammer 40k – Black Templars:  I have a few thousand points of Black Templars that I’ve collected over the years. There’s no specific goal on how many points I want done or which particular models I want to finish at the moment (other than Grimaldus. He’s my boy. Gotta finish that model). But it’s always been one of my two 40k armies and at some point I want to get around to painting (or repainting/repairing the paint job on some of the older models) them up.

Warhammer 40k – Imperial Guard:  These were my initial army for 40k. I have… a lot… of Imperial Guard (Sorry, I guess it’s Astra Militarum now) models lying around. I probably finished painting about 70 infantry back in the day, although many of them could use some major touchups, as they were my first army they aren’t that well done. Honestly if I got back into painting them seriously I would probably consider stripping the paint on the lot of them and starting from scratch now that I (sort of) know what I’m doing. Another army I’ve always meant to go back and fix/finish.

Warhammer 40k – Assorted Other Stuff: This collection includes a Knight-Titan and a couple of Ork flyers, just random models that I bought because I thought they were awesome. The Knight was primed and had begun a basecoat layer, the flyers are just built. Definitely want to get around to painting these sometime soon. Both would benefit immensely from an airbrush, and I don’t have a working one right now, so I’ll get to them as soon as I replace mine.

Age of Sigmar – Stormcast Eternals: I bought some of these when they were first released. I’ve only played a couple quick games of Sigmar back when it was first released, but the Generals Compendium coming out has me a bit more excited for it. I’d like to get at least a small force of the Stormcast painted up. I did a couple test models back when I got them, including trying some greenstuff work to give the Liberators some cloaks and hoods (the cloaks worked well, the hoods not as much, unless I was going for an Arabian Desert style theme). I’ve got a Celestant Prime and some other stuff built, so this is definitely on the ‘to do at some point’ list.

Bolt Action – US Army and Germans:  I also have a lot of infantry for regular US and German armies collected. Some of the German infantry may get painted up as part of the Tank War tournament for next year. I also haven’t set any plans for the other BA events at Adepticon, so I may work one of these into my plans as part of the Team Tournament or Combat Patrol, assuming everything is set up the way it was this year.

6×4 Gaming Table: This definitely qualifies as a concept. I purchased the Rolling Fields 6×4 table from Secret Weapon Miniatures during their Kickstarter for their Tablescapes line of product. I primed it ages ago and then got hobby ADD and never actually got around to painting it. I’ve seen some pretty awesome write-ups and guides for how people have made theirs, but I haven’t decided what sort of locale I want to set it in so I haven’t made any progress yet. I will probably end up going with a classic green rolling fields look, sandy/muddy riverbed, etc, since that kind of a look can be used for a multitude of games. This is another one that will get updated once progress has been made.

5/16/2016 Addition

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower: So after playing the original Warhammer Quest that Andrew has, I definitely want to get a Silver Tower set and paint the hell out of that thing. More on this once I actually have one ordered and start some work on it.


That’s all I can think of for the moment that I actually want to work on. I also have some other things, like old WH Fantasy Savage Orcs, Bretonnians, and High Elves that never got finished and might get updated at some point. Or sold off. Who knows.

I’ll update this post if I think of anything else that I want to include and keep it as an active list. Actual progress on different projects is going to be posted through WIP posts that I plan on putting up weekly. I’ll also post pictures as I’m working on Instagram (HackBlowfist1) and will compile those into the weekly WIP posts.

Thanks for reading my wall of text, I’d be happy to respond to any questions, comments, or criticism. Happy hobbying!



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