Oak & Iron

I’m a bit of a sucker for naval combat. I love playing World of Warships, I got incredibly excited when Warlord Games announced Cruel Seas, and then I recently learned of a Kickstarter that has me incredibly intrigued. Firelock Games, the makers of Blood & Plunder (a pirate skirmish game that includes both naval and… Read More Oak & Iron

Operation Sting 2018 –Defend the Ridge! 

Operation Sting breaks down scoring into four categories; battle, appearance, sportsmanship and theme. Part of the theme score is a written army background explaining the historical context for your platoon and the units you picked. 16 December – 1944 Elsenborn, Belgium In the Ardennes forest, just to the east of Elsenborn Ridge, the relatively untested… Read More Operation Sting 2018 –Defend the Ridge! 

Bolt Action Grenadiers

Third in a series of posts showcasing completed projects. The photos were taken on my phone using the MacroMat from Tablewar. Models shown: Warlord Games German Grenadiers German Infantry Plastic Box 2cm Flak (With Warlord and Empress crew) 81mm Blitzkrieg Mortar Rubicon Models British CMP 15cwt Trucks