Adepticon 2019 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol Recap

Once again this year I participated in (and Andrew ran!) the Bolt Action Combat Patrol event at Adepticon. This event is always a good time, with small but fast-paced games.

Partiboys trade shots with DAK from a rooftop

Game One – Partisans vs Germans

My first game was a matchup against some DAK run by Al. We were playing a scenario where the goal was to get into the opposing deployment zone, however this mission had a serious twist: units were deployed as tokens instead of their actual models, so your opponent would not know which was which (the tokens were marked on the bottom to say what they were). Models would be placed near the tokens when units did certain actions (got shot at, shot at things, enemies got close, or at the start of turn 3 all of them were revealed). I deployed mostly along the right side, hoping to use the speed of my trucks to get through some open ground and get close to the objective, my opponent deployed mostly along my left opposite a small town. I left one rifle squad in a building in the middle to try and slow him down while rushing my forces up the right, I didn’t have much of an answer to his Panzer III but I was able to maneuver to avoid most of his fire and ended up taking the win. I really like the fog of war aspect that came with the token deployment, very different from your usual game of BA.

French forces advance on an airfield

Game Two – Partisans vs Germans

Game 2 was an objectives game, we rolled 4 as our total number. I prefer it when games end up with odd numbers of objectives, as even numbers of objectives sometimes just turn into staring contests and long-range potshots. The board was a city area on the left, with woodland on the right. I sent a rifle squad up the center, trading shots with enemy units in the town while holding my center objective, while a pistol and a rifle squad hunkered down on the right to hold my other. I put a pistol squad in their truck in outflank in order to challenge my opponents rearmost objective in the late game, and put my partisan bombs scattered around the center of the board to try to force him into firing lines and slow his advance. Alex made good efforts to try and draw out the bombs using a sacrificial AT rifle, but my trigger rolls were absurd and the bombs kept staying in place, never detonating but not vanishing either, leaving them as a potential threat all game. He did correctly guess where my outflank was coming from and tried to ambush it, but I took a gamble and waited til turn 5 to bring them on, and managed to charge onto the board right near his back edge, pinning his Kubelwagon with MMG fire and getting my pistol squad onto his rear objective, where they held on to claim the win.

A Chindit AT rifle team hunts for targets

Game Three – Partisans vs USA

Game 3 was an urban board against a US force that included a Stuart and an MMG jeep. The mission was called Pathfinder, with killpoints as the victory condition, and infantry units had the option to do an advance move before the first turn began (without shooting), which allowed most of them to find good cover and also meant my opponent was able to hunker down rather than moving too much, which limited the effectiveness of my bomb placement. I tried to be aggressive using a truck up the right flank on a road, but it got lit up and the unit inside ended up stuck down on the ground for most of the game pinned. The left side wasn’t much better, with open ground right behind a rough area, not allowing me to get in close with the enemy squads, while the Stuart and the Jeep poured out fire on my boys. Neely played a tight game and I wasn’t able to make any headway, ended up with a major loss in this one.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day I took 8th out of 34, in a very fun tournament. I enjoyed the modified game modes (such as the token deployment in Game One) and hope that kind of stuff continues in the future. Props to Andrew and Paul for running a great Combat Patrol tourney, and thanks again to all those who brought out terrain!

A Stuart prepares to unleash hell

Thoughts from the TO

Now that was a great time! I think running Combat Patrol might have been my Adepticon highlight – and that’s saying something! After the event sold out in less than 20 minutes I knew that expectations were high and I knew that I had to deliver. Planning for the event was a blast and I took some chances on the missions. Really the only change I’m thinking about for next year is not allowing the Stuart tank. Almost every American player took one…

I hope the players enjoyed the tournament and I am already thinking about what to do for 2020!

French light armor pushes into town

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