New Two-Player Starter Set – A Gentleman’s War

In another surprise release, Warlord Games has announced a new two-player Bolt Action Starter Set. A Gentleman’s War expands on the existing two-player box offerings and adds a third theater of war – North Africa. This third offering is once again an improvement on the previous Starter Sets including more infantry, more options and two new plastic vehicles (both previously available as resin/metal kits).

As we know too well, Band of Brothers is disappointing in terms of game play, Island Assault! was a major improvement but has proven to be too niche for many players. The third time’s the charm with this latest box, it looks to be a perfect starter set for new Bolt Action players. Let’s take a closer look! A Gentleman’s War contains:

  • Bolt Action Second Edition Rulebook – A5 Format
  • Theater booklet
  • 24 British 8th Army soldiers – Plastic
  • Humber Armored Car – Plastic
  • 24 German DAK soldiers – Plastic
  • Sd.Kfz 22 Armored Car – Plastic
  • Order Dice – Green and Tan, either five or six of each, photo unclear
  • Pin marker sprue
  • Template sprue

That’s a hell of a starter. Almost a full box of infantry and an armored car for each side. Although the infantry are the same as the previous 8th Army and DAK boxes, both the Humber and Sd.Kfz 222 are brand new plastic kits! I’ve had the misfortune of building each of the original metal and resin ones from Warlord and let’s just say, those original kits will not be missed. These new ones look fantastic.

There are great options on with the plastic infantry. Each of the sprues (there are four 8th Army and four DAK) include AT Rifles, Light Mortars, LMGs and plenty of small arms. You’ll be able to get six units for both the 8th Army and the DAK without any trouble. Lt, Squad 1, Squad 2, AT Rifle, Light Mortar and the armored car. Watch this space for some list ideas.

Although the two sides may appear to be a bit samey, I don’t think that’s an issue. Especially not for a beginner box. It’s worth repeating – this is a perfect starter set. It’s created with new players in mind and should be reviewed as such. One again, I am impressed.

No confirmation on price point yet. Island Assault! is $120 (and you can find it for less) so hopefully A Gentleman’s War does the same.

7.22.22 Update: Pre-orders are now live and list the set for $142 USD. It’s a significant bump from Island Assault! but remains a solid price for a two-player starter set.

4 thoughts on “New Two-Player Starter Set – A Gentleman’s War

    1. $120 is my guess based on the pricing of the Island Assault Starter (IJA and USMC).

      But if you are no interested in the Bolt Action components (rulebook, order dice, pin markers, templates) you will almost certainly be able to get more models for less than this set will cost.

      The plastic 8th Army and DAK Infantry Box Sets have been out for a few years and contain 36 models each for around $40 per box.

      They said pre-orders for this new Starter Set will go live soon so we can make a better assessment shortly!

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