The Bolt Action Beginner’s Guide – 1 Box, 1 Army

I am thrilled to announce the latest update to the Bolt Action Beginner’s Guide! We at Chicago Dice are always looking for ways to make it easier for new players to get started in the hobby and this new project is another tool in the toolbox – 1 Box, 1 Army. Warlord Games has done an excellent job providing full Starter Armies for many Bolt Action forces. They are a great way to get started. However, a full Starter Army is often a large price point for new folks. Especially those who have never played. 1 Box, 1 Army is the same idea as a Starter Army, but it uses only a single box of infantry. So here you go, a list of army concepts and approaches that gives you 500pts using only a single box of infantry.

The project launched in March and currently contains seven new 1 Box, 1 Army ideas/concepts/army lists. One of the most exciting parts of this project is, unlike the Starter Army Box Breakdowns, this list contains options outside of just Warlord Games. We already have three lists that use Wargames Atlantic infantry boxes (with more on the way). The other producer of plastic WWII infantry (Perry) is also in the works. So far, we have:

NationArmy List Count
United States2

What’s Next?

More boxes! More Nations! More army lists! There are dozens of plastic infantry boxes out there. We want to provide 500pts army list ideas for all of them.

We want to keep this rolling as a community project! Three contributors have written these first seven army lists. If you have an idea for one, feel free to reach out! Shoot an email to Andrew at with your list concept and we will get it added to the list.

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